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Why so many posts per page?

I apologize if this has been covered, tried searching but nothing.

why are there like i think 40-45 posts per page on topics? it makes it a real pain in the ... to scroll down to find the posts that happened from the last time you checked out a thread. instead of having like 10 on a page or something and knowing you left off on page 3 or something so you dont need to scroll through the first 30 posts before getting to what you last saw...

hope that made sense :D
Short answer - more people want 50 per page vs 25.

Hit the blue down arrow before the thread title, that takes you to the first unread post.

yup, best way to browse on a computer, hit this guy people...
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You can change it if you want. On the same line as the "Log Out" text, at the far left there's a part that reads "User CP" (if you can't find it, just hit Ctrl+F and type User CP it should find it for you). Click that then under the "Settings & Options" go to the "Edit Options". Scroll down and you will see "Number of Posts to Show Per Page". Change that.

I prefer 20.
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ahh, thank you
yeah it gets so insane when you have 50 posts, everyone posting images, everyone else quoting that post with all the images...having to scroll through them all over and over again just to see their one line of text that says something ridiculous like "hey whats that clock widget" that has already been answered 5 times in the same thread...
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