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Wi-Fi Hotspot (boost)


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Mar 31, 2011
My home internet is out, so I decided to test out my hotspot app. As soon as I start the hotspot, my data connection gets dropped. Is this normal? My signal strength isn't great where I live, but it's pretty suspicious that starting tethering immediately kills my data.

It's not a huge issue, I plan on rooting this one as soon as I get my internet working. It's more a matter of curiosity.
The wifi hotspot is a feature that Boost sells. If you're not paying extra $ for it then your hotspot it locked. If you hotspot is locked then as soon as you turn it on your data connection will be dropped.

In other words if you're not paying for hotspot, data being suspended is normal.

I haven't had any luck getting hotspot to work. With the native hotspot or wifi tether. Others have. Even after rooting. On my Evo 4g the native hotspot was "unlocked". I've been looking for a solution.
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