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htc evo design

  1. M

    Help need voice recognition assistance please

    phone is rooted i've been running rom found at h**p://androidforums.com/threads/rom-forgottenkingdom.712740/ The rom is based off android 4.0.3. So, this being the case, is there a simple way to add speech recognition to the rom? If not can someone please point me to a good rom that does have...
  2. patsfann

    Root Is there any 1 still fooling with this phone still ?

    Is there anyone who is still working on this phone. .. I'm willing to test anything on it .... I enjoy fooling with my old phones, ,,,,, (design, OG evo,) I have a couple more ,, but these ones are easy and fun. ......
  3. D

    Root Htc Evo 4g non lte (Kingdom) troubles

    So i have been trying for weeks to get this phone unlocked, rooted and S-OFF. To no avail!! I have it unlocked via htcdev bootloader unlock process, I have twrp installed. I flashed cwm-supersu-v0.87.zip. Rebooted the system and in my apps super user appeared. Root checker says its rooted. I...
  4. mattyshair

    Help Screen Flickering Pink/Yellow & No Wi-Fi

    This morning my phone began experiencing issues I've never seen before. I left my house for awhile and had no access to wifi, so when I came back home naturally I decided to turn wifi on. I went to the settings page and tapped the "off-on" slider thing beside Wi-Fi, and it just said "Turning...
  5. G

    Root KitKat Device Tree

    Ok, so I am making a device tree for kitkat (which is forked from ModdingMyMind's github, and I am referencing my changes to the tree by using Szezso's device tree which is for the Incredible S which has very similar hardware to the Kingdom. Anyways, the device tree isn't done yet, I will...
  6. SParker40

    Root No Data or MMS on phone after flashing to straight talk

    I have had my phone flashed to straight talk earlier this year and the guy that did it refuses to give me the steps to make my mms and data work again. I have flashed the rooted image file in the bootloader and every since I havent been able to get data or mms but everything else works. I can...
  7. I

    Root [ROM]MIUI 4.1.10 for Kingdom[4.2.2]

    I ported this rom based on cm10.1.With the help of fuzhan8 and other guys,it seems everything works well except the LED light. If you find any problem or you can fix any bugs,please tell me. Sorry,the previous link is broken,i will upload it again later. New link is here.Download the file,add...
  8. R

    Help Design Radio Image

    I got my HTC design from FreedomPop yesterday and everything worked fine until I tried to update the Talk app to the latest Hangouts app. After the update every time Hangouts opened the Google Play services crashed. So, I factory reset it via FreedomPop's conveniently installed CWM and went in...
  9. I

    Root Can anyone help me to finish this MIUI rom?

    Forgive me for my poor English. It's too hard to post a thread here,the forum always tell me "my IP is banned...",so I have to use GoAgent to visit the forum.And it's so slow. The important thing is I ported a MIUI rom based on this cm10.1.Now everything seems OK,except the SD Card can't be...
  10. patsfann

    Root Any chance of a jelly Bean ROM with 4 G ?

    Was wondering if anyone can develop a jelly bean ROM with working 4 g ??? I am just a noob & don't know how to develop Roms, but I will test and give feedback if any devs would be so gracious enough to put some time and effort into this forgotten phone...... Thank you........
  11. X

    Root Rom compatible with swap or compatible kernel?

    sorry for my bad english jeje an answer? :confused:
  12. patsfann

    Root Help !!! (.fixed)..

    I am rooted and on blue Kingdom ROM Boost Mobile is my carrier can't send or receive picture messages was hoping someone could help me thank you appreciate all the help I can get
  13. B

    Root Lost my stock ROM, can I use yours please?

    Hey all, I was an idiot and somehow deleted my stock ROM backup. Now I want to revert to stock because I'm selling my phone and other people need to be able to activate it. Does anyone have a stock ROM zip I can use? I promise to factory reset it when I use it. I'm on Sprint. Thanks in advance!
  14. P

    Root stock RUU required

    I tried to revert back to stock by re-locking bootloader. I relocked the bootloader successfully and followed the procedure correctly by using this image file. www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/apachethunder/htcdev/fullstock_PH44IMG.zip However now it has been stuck and does not proceed any...
  15. Nikyle

    Root S-Off?

    Does anyone know how to get S-Off on this phone? I have seen very little people achieve this, and I would like to also. Thanks in advance! :)
  16. J

    Root need help w/ HTC 4G Sprint

    hi all, I have a 'HTC PH44100 APC715C', it's the Evo Design 4G from Sprint. (Phone worked last week, everything was updated except a few apps such as facebook, etc) Something is broken w/ the operating system (I believe due to a bad battery the phone kept restarting hundreds of times over...
  17. patsfann

    Root Prl 33031

    Any chance of anyone posting that PRL I can't seem to update my phone to get that prl, but I am rooted so I can change on the go .........thank you
  18. Vallera

    Root I Need Major Help

    So, I got the Unlock_code.bin file for my Evo Design and it won't work, Windows 7 or Vista. Both OSes say error token check failed, and yet this is the file the sent me after i submitted the identifier token that fastboot gave me. I tried to temproot and installed firewater, but upon using...
  19. Vallera

    Root Can't Unlock Bootloader

    So, I have everything setup, but my problem is Windows 8.1 Pro isn't compatible with the correct drivers, even though HTC Sync is installed and Device Manager claims that the phone has the best possible drivers and won't let me install any other drivers. Upon booting inot recover and then into...
  20. M

    Root [PORT] TWRP Themes 540x960

    A. To use the TWRP Theme: You must go to /sdcard/TWRP on your device and create another folder named, theme. Then take the zip and rename it to ui.zip. Place the ui.zip inside of the theme folder. Reboot in to your custom recovery and enjoy. If you wish to not use it anymore, then...
  21. L

    Root (Frontal CAMERA) I can't take pictures with Retrica.apk

    Hello, i'm new in the forum, and my native language is spanish, but i cannot take photos with retrica, because it goes bad, it's say, with a lot of lines, in the photo...in frontal camera..anybody that help me???? soy nuevo en el foro y mi lenguaje es espa
  22. patsfann

    Root SD card

    Was wondering if anyone knew how to test an SD card,,, I think mine is going bad it keeps unexpectingly removing itself so I have to reboot in order for it to except my SD card,,,,,,,, thank you for any and all help and info.........
  23. C

    Root Framaroot

    Will framaroot work on this phone? I have boost and want to root it but not unlock the bootloader? Would a pie root work that's temporary?
  24. G

    Root Confused..

    I Apologize for my confusion..but ive run into a problem with my phone and the rooting process...ive followed 3 different guides in the process to unlock and im stalled out on one place..maybe in my frustration i am missing something and if anyone can assist me it would be appreciated my Boot...
  25. G

    Root Evo Design 4G root Help Need

    Hi, I am having Evo Design 4G running Android 4.0.3 (ICS). I want to temporary root it which means root privilege available until phone's next reboot. Any idea how to achieve this? Thanks in advance GradS