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Help wife deleted her email account........

so my lovely wife........
didnt like her gmail account address so she made a new email.
which is fine,
EXCEPT she didnt add then new one to her phone before she deleted her account (off the home computer)
i've added her new account to her phone, but the old account isnt showing to delete it,
BUT i'm getting a login error ( little triangle with a ! in it) on the home screen. but i cant login because the account no longer exists.....

any help would be very very helpful thank you..

and since i have a feeling i'm going to have to reset the phone, will all the apps and everything be lost?
If the gmail account in question was the first on the phone, I don't think you'll be able to delete it. And yes, a factory reset will get rid of it. Just sign in on the new account. I sure hope she didn't have any paid apps through the playstore because those paid apps are tied to the original google/gmail account and she may have lost them.

What you can do if she did have paid apps is back up the apps before you reset the phone. Reseting the phone will erase everything like you just bought new!

Es file explorer on the playstore is free, it has the ability to back up all of your apps. The only problem with restoring apps (From my past experience, I don't know about now) is that they won't be updated and the playstore may not see them as installed.

You're better off just re-downloading the apps. :)

Edit: Before resetting, try this.

Go to Settings> Accounts and sync and see if you can see the old account. If it is there, tap on it and it should give you the option to remove it.
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