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samsung captivate glide

  1. F

    Help Mass Storage file transfer failure

    Okay first off I am using Windows 8 (I know) and running version 2.3.5 on my Andriod. I do not have USB debugging mode on. So my problem is that I just recently bought a 64g sd card and am trying to move my music from winamp to my sd card. I go through mass storage correctly and it connects to...
  2. bdh5574

    Help Bought unlocked phone, can't update it.

    My wife's Glide started having trouble receiving calls. Sometimes it would get the call and then randomly, it just wouldn't get the call. So, I bought a used, unlocked Glide off the internet. It seems the phone came from Canada and was used on something called Rogers Wireless. There's no mention...
  3. C

    Help video format for the glide?

    Hi I need help with something. I recorded a video for a friend and I'm tryin to get it to her phone. I recorded it with my Iphone 4, and she has a Samsung Captivate Glade. I've tried to email it to her, but she said it didn't work on her phone (said it wasn't a supported format of something)...
  4. sdumarcejr

    Help Cannot get picture text messages

    I just recently transfered my samsung captivate glide over to the straighttalk byop plan. And I can't receive picture texts, I tried every different setting in the phone and I still can't download them.....do I need to call straighttalk?
  5. J

    Help SIM Not Allowed MM#3 Consumer Cellular

    I bought an unlocked Samsung Captivate Glide on Amazon to use on Consumer Cellular, and of course it won't accept my SIM card. SIM Not Allowed MM#3 What bothers me is that a few people on Amazon said they were able to get it to work on Consumer Cellular after calling them. So I called...
  6. A

    Credit card reader

    Hi, I've tried to set up a couple of credit card readers with my captivate glide. Although it was listed in a list of supported devices by paypal, their tech support said it wasn't compatible, so I checked all those lists again and ordered a square. Both ATT and Square say it is compatible, but...
  7. B

    Help Snapchat broke my camera

    Whenever I run the snapchat app on my Samsung Captivate GLide, the camera will sometimes fail. Whenever I go to the camera app it will say "camera failed" and whenever I try to run snapchat it will freeze at the white ghost. I tried the trick where you stop the cached process, but that...
  8. B

    Help BusyBox what for?

    So, I now have a rooted. I see a lot of talk about now being able to use BusyBox. So, I downloaded this app. Opened it up and it looked like it was too complex for a simple user like me. So, if I don't know what all the jargon is or about programming, what do I need it for?
  9. B

    Help I know nothing!

    I am in the process of trying to figure out how to root my phone. Can some explain to me HOW TO FLASH MY I927. I understand the concept or goal is to move downloaded info onto the phone but I don't understand exactly what Flash means or the hand to mouse activity that is required for it. Can...
  10. M

    Help Captivate display does not light

    Hello, Captivate Glide i927 I replaced the complete screen assembly and installed a new ribbon after the screen cracked. The lower lights (home, search, back button etc) work and also the keyboard lights. The ATT chime sound works too but the display does not light up when powered on. What...
  11. C

    Help Samsung Glide issue...battery?

    Greetings! I have a Glide and for the most part I really like it. Of course I am a month out of warranty so my service provider is being less than helpful. Here is my issue: When not connected to wifi and I get on any app that requires data use, the phone goes to critically low battery mode...
  12. K

    Text app

    My daughters iPhone show when the text message is being read and when the person is writing back. Is there an app that does that on the android phone captivate glide?
  13. A

    Help Mass Storage

    I get a message when I go to use my camera "Turn off USB storage before using camera". I also get this message when I go to view my Gallery - "SD card is being used as a mass storage device". I did not change any settings on my phone and cannot get this to go away. I would love use my camera...
  14. N

    Help need to delete AT&T APN am unlocked but not root

    I have successfully unlocked my phone from AT&T but am not skilled enough to follow guide to rooting this. Apparently the leftover AT&T APN is causing a bug where GPS kills the data connection. There is no option for deleting that APN like there is for my consumer cellular APN. Consumer cellular...
  15. R

    Help Android Calendar showing declined facebook events

    So apparently this is a really common problem on a bunch of phones. I am posting it here because trying a solution from another phone (clear calendar storage) did nothing to fix the problem AND deleted all events i had manually added. Anyone have a solution? I like seeing most events, but a few...
  16. D

    Should I trade Iphone 4s for this phone?

    I have the option to trade the Iphone 4s with a cracked screen for this phone but the phone has no SIM or SD Card. Should I make the TRADE or stick with my Iphone?
  17. N

    Help how do i save musice from my phone storage to my sd card???

  18. K

    Help Losing connection

    I can have 3 to 4 bars on my phone and still lose internet connection. Is there something I can do? At&t and Samsung captivate glide is carrier and phone.
  19. C

    Voice Issue

    Hi... I installed the following rom on my glide (cm-10.1-20130217-UNOFFICIAL-i927) and everything is working fine but i have one issue; when I make a call through voice over IP softwares such as (Viber, Skype, Tango... etc) the voice is very strange, thick and slow... please help if anyone have...
  20. M

    Help Captive Update

    Alrighty, so I'm attempting to update my Captive Glide from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Kies and the usb drivers. I've manually set them up. I downloaded the driver directly from Samsung, allowed my laptop to install and update drivers from Microsoft...
  21. W

    Help Battery drain spikes

    So I've had my captivate glide for about one year now and I've loved it. Just recently the battery has been acting weird and draining really fast. Now it goes from 70% to 0% randomly. If I don't plug it into the charger it takes about 10 minutes for it to reboot and then it usually has around...
  22. J

    Help converting pics/music to external storage usb card

    I have a samsung captive glide and i need to factory reset because i have alot of useless junk. How do i sync pictures and music to my micro usb card so it get deleted???
  23. J

    Help ok yall, im still using gingerbread

    so, an update is available for my phone but i am sort of scared of change. it should be available because my sister tried to update her phone but it didnt work or take or something. i dont know. anyway, should i update it to the latest version which is ice cream or leave it on gingerbread? i've...
  24. J

    Help Stock rooted SGH-I927R, How do I change the boot animation?

    So basically, I rooted this phone because I felt like it. And then I got ROM Toolbox, and discovered the option to change the boot animation thingamajig. But I can not for the LIFE of me find where to put it, how to change it. PLEASE, someone save my sanity. I'm not looking to get a new ROM or...
  25. J

    UConnect & Samsung Captivate Glide connectivity issues

    I just recently bought a 2013 Jeep Wrangler with Uconnect and before I left the dealership the salesman paired my Samsung Captivate Glide with the system but it doesn't recognize any contact in my address book. How do I get the Uconnect to recognize my address book contacts?