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WiFi can't connect since upgrade


Dec 12, 2009
We're a 3 HTC Droid household. 2 of the units haven't had a problem with WiFi, before or after the upgrade. The third unit was connecting fine before the upgrade, but since it's been having issues. It 'sees' the networks (one open, one protected), but when you try to connect to either, it flashes 'Connecting', then quietly returns to the screen, without actually connecting. The settings seem to be the same between the units (wifi enabled and non-airplane). I've rebooted the unit and the router, re-entered the SSID multiple times (although the open network doesn't work either) with no luck.

Anybody have a suggestion?

Terry Ryan
I am having a similar problem with my Eris.
My wife's Droid works fine.

My Eris sees the network and tries to obtain an IP address, but doesn't connect.
When the problem started, it would connect for about a minute, and then disconnect. Now it won't connect at all.
Technical support (Verizon and HTC) didn't know what to tell me.

I am able to connect to non-secured Wifi (such as the nearby coffee shop).
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I tried the batter pull and such, but my Eris won't connect to my secure wifi network no matter what I try. I'm in the same room as the router too, so signal should be perfect. Any other ideas?

Is the router set to 802.11n only or 802.11a (I doubt that, but had to ask)? The Eris supports 802.11 b or 802.11g only. If you have an "N" router, you should be able to set it to mixed mode, so any client will connect at its fastest speed.
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