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WiFi Hotspot...?


Apr 11, 2010
I am assuming the TB will have WiFi hotspot, but we all know how assumptions go. Does anyone know for sure? Also, if it will have hotspot, I wonder how long it will take to hack the hotspot as was done with the DINC. ;)

By the way, the wife has an upgrade coming soon. She said she is content with her phone and does not want to upgrade. So, she is giving me the upgrade. I am planning to upgrade my DINC for the TB. Thanks Hollie!!! :D

Then it will be called the G-Spot since no one will be able to find it.

LMAO That was easy!

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I have some reservations about the free Wifi they're offering for the first couple of months. Is that so they can get a baseline of how much data you would use if you were tethered, so they can then look at your information in a few months after the free wifi hotspot is discontinued and say, "AH-HA! You are using as much data as you were when we offered this service free!" and bust you for tethering without a tethering plan?
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You mean use the hell out of it so they'll cap it at like 20 megs for $15.99 or something....

Well, I guess it can go both ways... I think it will have to do more with overall consumption vs. bandwidth available. They will then price to maximize revenue and minimize bandwidth usage. Encourage the use but at the same time discourage by making you pay $XX for XXGB. Way beyond my pay grade... actually Bennnnn in the "other" forum would probably be the best one to ask.
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