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WIFI question while roaming with android


Jun 5, 2013
Quick question I'm a newbie guys... I have my data internet with ROGERS(from Canada) and I am visiting the states. As long as I am connected to the homes wifi here, will I not get some crazy roaming charges?

Please give me any other tips, I don't want to get destroyed with bills >_<
AW crap. My phone just updated about 100mb + while connected to the WIFI as well as having MOBILE DATA checked ON....
And from what you say, MOBILE DATA and DATA ROAMING should both be off right?

Also, so did I just get billed because mobile data was on while updating?

Thanks for sticking around btw.
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Ok, fewf thanks so much man, appreciated! One more thing before I scatter off if you don't mind :)

Q: I assume the same thing applies if I leave the home then correct? Meaning, if I'm not connected to the home network, while being out somewhere it will not connect to carriers 'roaming network' as long as mobile data/roaming is off ya? And if I am in lets say a coffee shop that has a wifi spot, that wifi will be a safe zone for me to use as well yeah?

P.s. Sorry for the dummy questions.
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Its not dummy questions :D
If you have mobile data and wifi turned on and youre connected to wifi (the wifi icon should be in statusbar), mobile data will be disconnected but if you go out of range of the wifi, mobile data will reconnect so definately turn off mobile data in settings and then you wont get any data charges :beer:
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