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WiFi Toggle after update

I just noticed the WiFi Toggle Verizon removed from the quick settings pull down menu was installed with the recent update.

Anyone notice any other features Verizon has enabled?

Is it completely removed? or just relocated? You can edit the quick settings pull down and move the ones you want to the top row
Settings > My device > Display > Notification panel

I'm on the Sprint version, so not sure if Verizon did something goofy.
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Until yesterday it wasn't available for Verizon customers. Apparently they disabled a bunch of features before they initially released the phone. I read over at XDA that some Verizon customers are reporting the WiFi toggle installed with the new update and some still don't have it.

What's even stranger is my 1x1 bookmark widget disappeared...bummed about that.

So, for me at least, I traded my bookmark widget for a WiFi toggle...
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