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wildfire on three, still no update!

just found the 2.2 update downloaded it ...bricked the phone sense ui wont work...having to send it away 5-10 days no loan phone.......

or to the shop no. 6 on waiting list for loan phone and 10 days to repair

it is her phone she is livid

please stay away from it until its stable

and pleeease make a back up i didnt

booo hoo :mad:
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where did you get the update from ?
and does the phone power on still ?
try holding down the Volume down button then press the power button.

send me the link of the "update"

got the update from three.....her indoors is absolutely livid with me and i dont blame her

i tried factory reset and no joy oh i forgot she didnt have a back up so lost all her info
oh dear dear :(
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