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Will Best Buy or Radio Shack Price Match $450 - Sprint Price

RS does not price match and BB will price match with an ad. I have had BB price match a large retailer like walmart if they could verify on the website also

also it comes out to a total of 400 instead of 450 if you do this.

When the phone comes out open a new line. and pay 199.99 for the EVO and get a new phone number well call it (111) 222-2222. Then swap the EVO to your exsistening line well call it (111) 111-1111. and your old phone new line (111) 222-2222. Then two days later call sprint and cancel the line you just opened that has your old phone on it. Sprint will charge 200 bucks. so its a total of 400 bucks and you have yoru new evo on your old number.
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