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Will it blend??????

I meant that its useless crap that noone wants to read and it pushes better topics off the front page.

Thanks for de-contributing.

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Off the front page......gone forever


Also it seems some people have read this thread. Seems your opinion of threads is not all encompassing :D

What would a phone launch be without a "Will it blend" thread? This is classic!

Although it is painful to watch some idiot destroy a brand new device, I gotta admit it is mildly entertaining lol
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Bunnymud, Jordus is right. This thread is unnecessary. We should be discussing Will it blend in the Froyo thread.


Also shame on you for getting my hopes up that there was actually a Will it blend for the Evo already out. I never quite understood some people's reactions with the Will it blend series, but after how desperately I've been waiting for the Evo to come out, I think this one may actually make me squint.
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