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Will Verizon cripple out froyo goodness?

Doesn't Verizon allow for Palm Pre Plus owners use their phones as mobile hotspots without the additional fees? Maybe the Pre is the start of a new policy at Verizon.
The only reason they did this was to get rid of units. The Pre had TERRIBLE (and this is an understatement) sales and Palm was down in the dumps. There was almost no adoption rate of the new Palm products, and as an attempt to move some units, VZW put that promo on. The Incredible, in many ways, is the exact opposite, so don't expect us to get any freebies any time soon.
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1. I HOPE tomorrow. But, I EXPECT sometime after August.

2. Most likely, they'll figure out a way to charge. My ONLY hope is that they do what they've done with the Android Navigation. You know that it has hurt their VZNavigator, but it has helped their overall sales. Hopefully, they'll see the HotSpot as a similar marketing feature. I'm CERTAIN I can convince at least 3-5 other people to buy one if this feature is enabled for free.
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