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Root [WIP] Rom List & Recovery Info


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Mar 9, 2012
Reno, Nevada
Myself along with Android Forums can't be held responsible for anything you do to your phone (break, blow up, brick, etc). Please flash roms, kernels, models, etc at your own risk.

Here is a complete write up list of all ROM's made for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Keep in mind, some of these roms, TW (Touch Whiz) based roms require a seperate modem and sometimes kernel flash for data to work correctly. I'll try to make a write up of that as well.

[ROM][29 DEC 12][JB 4.1.2] PACman v19.0 | All-In-One | PA-2.55 | AOKP-M1 | CM10

[ROM ] Calkulin's E4GT v3.0 [ EL29 l Fast l Tweaked l Battery Saver Script ]

[Alpha 2][ROM]AOSP JB 4.2.1 [JOP40D][12/14]

[ROM][AOKP+PA]King Kang The Most Customizable Rom.

CyanogenMod 10 Beta 2: Android 4.1.2 for the Epic 4G Touch

CyanogenMod 9 Beta 1: Android 4.0.4 for the Epic 4G Touch

[ROM] AOKP d710 JB Milestone 1.4 [DEC2]

[ALPHA6][ROM] AOSP JellyBean 4.1.1 [9/19/12]

[ROM][16 DEC 12] PARANOIDANDROID 2.56 4.1.2 | Hybrid, Size&UI on PerAppBasis

{ROM}{JB}{Shadow God}Presentz Jellyverse v0.4 {FL16} {12/24/12}

[ROM]Codename-Android-JoyRide-3.8.0-Jelly-4.1.2_r1 (JoyRide) A3 12.13.12

[ROM][TN] MIJJz JB GOODNESS JB 4.1.2 FK23 v1.0.3 (Updated 12/21/2012)

[ROM] [TeaM VeNuM] The Blu Kuban FI27 [Kuban Kernel\Odexed] (Updated 12-14-12)

[ROM][JB][FL16][CWM[ODEX/DEODEX]Kobridge's Stock ROM + Addons

MANUFAN'S HOOLIGAN ROM(FF18)[Rejectz jb version coming soon!]

[ROM] [Team ScarLick] [FL16 TW] Touched By SGSIII Version 3.1 updated 12/30

[ROM] [Team ScarLick] [FK23] The Dark Angel Rises Version 2 UPDATED 12/30


Please make sure you read the entire OP of each rom before you flash, that's so you can make sure you don't need a JB kernel, modem, etc.


Before flashing any rom, make sure your on a "safe recovery". Not any recovery is considered "safe". You'll often see in nearly every rom thread "odin or mobile odin to el26". Which is a very safe recovery and is highly recommended when flashing any rom.

[KERNELS][CWM][ODIN] Kernel Repository - Download Them All Here


-Download Mobile Odin from the play store

-Download GB - Stock EL26 Repacked Kernel

-Open Mobile Odin and allow it to detect your device, kernel, recovery and all that good stuff

-Choose kernel menu, and select either Internal or External SD card (whichever you downloaded the el26 kernel to)

-Once you've locked el26 and selected it, scroll down and select flash firmware

-Now once the splash screen comes up (standard gs2 screen), hold down power and volume up button to enter recovery

-From here, make your nand, flash and whatever else you need to do.


If your a first time flasher, or not very experienced in flashing the Epic 4G Touch, please visit the following link:

How Not To Brick Your E4GT (UPDATED 10/13/12)

Flash at your own risk, only you can be held responsible for what happens to your device! :)

I'm by far from being done with this, be patient and ill try to have it finished up within the next few days.
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