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Accessories Wired Headphones with Mic


Jun 4, 2010
Hi All

I'm looking for a wired headphones with a mic that works with our phone.

I bought a pair of Klipschs S2Ms last week but unfortunately, the mic does not pick up my voice nor does it answer calls (when pushing the answer button).

Does anyone have any recommendations for the Evo?

I know bluetooth is the popular option here, but for some reason I prefer the wire. Also - I assume it conserves battery life much better.

I have the klipsch s4i. They're actually made to work with iphones, but you can still answer and end calls, pause music, and dial out the most recent call. You cannot however, adjust the volume using the volume up and down buttons, or use multi taps to skip forward and back on your music player playlist. But, the sound quality is amazing! I think these sound better than my shure eat buds. Check out the review on cnet.com. They were awarded best overall ear bud buds and cost around $70-$100
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