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Wirefly.com = Theifs/Liars/Cheats

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Dec 1, 2009
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Okay so Wirefly.com was offering a sale on the Samsung Moment for $79 if you added a line or opened a new contract and $99 if you upgraded a phone. Seemed like a great deal so i went for it, i previously had a Family plan with 2 lines but i only wanted to Upgrade the primary line and then add a 3rd line. Should have been $178. I called them to place the order over the phone because i didnt want my plan to get screwed up. The agent on the phone (who had TERRIBLE english) refused to honor the sale price, and said that because i already had a family plan he had to but it in a 2 upgrades even though i was adding a line. I went back and forth with him for a long time trying to get him to honor the sale he never would, but i figured the $99 each was about the same price as the radio shack deal and they had free shipping so i placed the order, still feeling like i got screwed out of $20. Well the next day i get an email saying that i had to call to verify the order. They had already charged my card for the $198. I called up and they said that the agent who entered my order did it wrong and it should have been put in as one upgrade and one add line, i though great maybe i can get my $20 back. NOPE!!! these little pricks said that the added line phone was now $129. I asked them what the hell they were talking about that the price points were either $79 or $99 and that it should have been the $79. They told me that the sale had ended and they would NOT honor the sale price at the time when i paid and that they were charging my card an extra $30. I kept telling them that was B.S. and that since it was their agents fault they needed to be refunding me money not charging again. they still refused. now i cant get a human on the phone, if i call it says your order has been processed and tells me i have to talk to them through their I.M. service. The phones were delivered yesterday, I have tried to contact them 2 times through IMs after the phones were delivered, but all i get is a very sympathetic person who wont help. not only that but he tells me that it was put in the right way the FIRST time and WRONG the second time, but since the second sale ended he would have to charge me the current price of $145 so ANOTHER $20. I was really pissed off at this point and told them that if they tried to charge me again i would call me credit card company and have them start a fraud claim. Then he said he needed to send this up to managment but for now they wouldnt charge me. I even suggested that if i buy one of their insurance plans for $50 that they give me the other plan for free, they make $50 and keep my happy but he said he couldnt. This is freaking crazy, they keep trying to jack the price up on me AFTER i payed and still wont honor the ORIGINAL sale price.

stay away from wirefly
I read bad stuff about their insurance and wouldn't touch that with a 12' pole. I guess it wouldn't help to say they were selling the Moment for $50 last week :( yea I paid $99 for mine. Read the terms and conditions but you could always dispute with credit card company. Trade the phones at sprint then I believe sprint will take money from them since you did not keep the phones for 6 months. I heard this from a local rep.

I bought 2 phones from wirefly and after getting them read the papers don't call sprint,etc. I called their number to activate and they told me to call sprint. Sprint had to upgrade my phone plan not wirefly, not sure how it works but I hope I didn't get screwed too. I have a friend that ordered one phone and has issues because his wife's phone is on an alternate year for upgrades. Seems like if you had a straight 1 or 2 phone upgrade or activation they can handle it anything beyond that they can't.
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I wouldn't order from wirefly. I tried to order a phone (upgrade my main line) and I was charged $99 for the phone. Two days later (Tuesday and the sale already gone) I had to call them because of an issue, and they said something was wrong with my order. They had to switch the individual plan to a family (since I have one). The phone is now $149 and they wouldn't honor the $99. Not my fault I couldn't just order one phone with a family plan, and it takes them two days to fix my order. I couldn't understand the guy on the phone, so I tried online chat and that was completely useless.

Just going to get my moment at a sprint store.
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the sale is back on apparently but now say they cant change the price after the order has been completed so they are very sorry but there is nothing they can do at this time, they wish they can help but there is nothing they can do... apparently they can change the price when it benifits them but not to correct their mistake


I regret to hear you encountered such a problem with your order. I work at Wirefly's HQ in Reston, VA and would be happy to have your order looked at in detail and addressed by someone in our customer care department. You may either send me a PM or e-mail us at your convenience: OnlineSupport@Wirefly.com. Please include your order number and contact information, and we will gladly call you to resolve this matter.

- Terry
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Now thats Customer Service
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Well I'm in the middle of a Wirefly ordeal. I ordered the Moment and received it a couple of days later than I should have. No big deal.

After having the phone just shy of a week, I've decided that Android is just not for me. It offers some good features, but for my situation, I need to go back to WinMo. So I tried calling and couldn't get through because the order had been completed.

So I get online. I tell the rep (Satish) that I want to exchange for an Intrepid (Sprint needs to step up their WinMo offerings). He tells me to send the phone back and when it's received, they will activate and send out an Intrepid. I ask them about service, and what to do in the meantime. They said that I would be without my phone for a few days while the phones are in transit. They said if I wanted to, I could pay for my new phone plus a $250.00 return guarantee deposit. When they get my phone back, they will credit the $250.00 plus the cost of the Moment back to me. The thought of them having $400.00 of my money in limbo does not appeal to me in the slightest.

So I tell them that option won't work and that I want a refund instead. He then tells me that if I overnight it to them, they will overnight the replacement back at no cost. Problem is that it's Wednesday, so I can't ship it until tomorrow and they won't get it until Friday. And the new one probably won't ship until Monday at the latest, putting it back in my hand Tuesday, a full week from now. BTW, a next day return would cost about $60.00 to FedEx.

I asked if they could activate my Treo temporarily and they said that they cannot (will not?). I finally just said to hell with it and setup the standard exchange.

Now I have to abuse Sprint's free call forwarding and have all my calls go to my home. But I have no phone at work. If I worked in an office all day, I wouldn't care. But I'm in my car all day and have relied on my phone heavily for day to day tasks.

So, the Intrepid is added to the order. Then he tells me that because it's a PDA phone, it needs a data plan of $40.00. I told him I aready had a data plan. He replied saying it would only be added to the plan once, and not twice. I firmly told him that there was already data on the plan because it's an Everything Data plan and to NOT MAKE ANY PLAN CHANGES. He finally got the hint and apologized, but he had me so mad I just about put a bullet through my monitor (okay, not really, but I was really upset).

The turn around process sucks. I can't believe I let the cheap price of the phone lure me into buying through them. NEVER AGAIN will I order from Wirefly, and likely any other internet outlet. I'm sticking to buying my phones through Sprint retail stores only. It might cost more, but it's worth the peace of mind.

Who knows, maybe Terry can help me out with a temp activation while my exchange is being processed. :rolleyes: That's really my biggest gripe right now.
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Hey everyone, It's Rob Jackson - the dude that runs this place. I want to take a minute to weigh in here.

First of all, Wirefly is one of our main sponsors and I work very closely with some of the top people in their headquarters. I can vouch for them and say that they are good people... they really are.

Just like any business, sometimes there are miscommunications and sometimes employees don't handle things in the perfect manner - everybody makes mistakes. I think their accountability in this thread goes to show that they are looking out for the interest of the consumer and especially AF members.

I'm going to close this thread for the time being and stay in touch with kgmallory and/or evilbeef54. Hopefully their situations are resolved and when they are I will be deleting this thread.

Problem solved = thread deleted.
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