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Wireless tether firewalled?

Running aosp 9.9.2 on my hero and using wireless tether for rooted users. First time i used it on my laptop everything was fine. Pages loaded ok no errors or anything but ever since that first time now when i use it and go to certain sites it wont let me see some of the content it just has a box where that content would be that says IE could not open this or if on firefox the same thing.

Example: I go to letmewatchthis.com and watch movies sometimes or tv shows but now i cannot get the links where the actual video player shows to work.

Another example: if i go to google and search something if i click on the first result that it brings up it will not open that website but if i go further down the page to a link with the same website it will go to it.

Its not the computer because i brought it to work and plugged it in here and everything works fine but if i unplug it and use the phones wireless tether it does it again.

Again it worked the very first time i used it because i watched a tv show on my computer while using the wireless tether. Is there some kind of firewall or maybe a virus that got into my phone that is causing this or has anyone had anything similar to happen?


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