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Root Wonder if u could download google apps to your pc?!


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Jun 28, 2012
Mind u this is not easy to accompish at first
until u have the tools to do it.

until a while passed searching alternate ways finding how to get apks off google play i came across this tool
Sorry sort of secret :creep:
and have been using it for months now, i cant give the download but i can give u the page to start and see for yourself.

Caution Please note: this tool uses your gmail account and password to connect to google play, and its not made by me only by the authors of the given Link below, so if your Cautious over security make another gmail account and connect your device to that account too without creditcard info included and then use that gmail account instead to connect to the tool.
(On your Google Play approved Android device using yer alternate gmail account signed in, download something to yer android device from the google play store so the device would be added to that account.)

mind u i only use it for free apps anyway so i dont do paid apps connected to the account. but maybe im over cautious but thats me u can find out for yourself please check their info and comments made on their site.

get ready to be wowed:D
the link is below


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