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dodo pendo pad

  1. Oscillator

    Basic question about my PendoPad - PDF reader

    Hi, I just picked up a 7" PendoPad. It's a quad core with 1Gb RAM and uses a KITKAT OS. I got this specifically for reading PDF files, seemed a much better choice than PDF readers as they are much more expensive and have very basic screens whereas I'm hoping the PendoPad might be capable of...
  2. P

    Help Hacking a Pendo Pad 10.1

    Greetings Trying to get inside an Officeworks Pendo Pad 10.1 I bought recently (simply because I don't have enough frustration and stress in my working life). Overall I'm quite happy with the device (given its price) but when it comes to doing anything useful with it, I have got Ubuntu 14.04...
  3. M

    Root How to Root a Pendo Pad v PNDPP47GP

    I am new to this and very very confused. I need to root my Pendo Pad 7" tablet, because I was hoping to make virtual RAM from the 32gb SD card that I want to add to speed things up a bit. I know it's possible, but I don't know what the hell to do to achieve it. There's so many conflicting...
  4. 2

    Help Pendo Pad Connecting Wi-Fi Issues

    Hi i'm having some Wi-Fi/router issues with my Pendo pad. I have a Netcomm N150 router and one of the Dodo 3G Modem sticks that plugs into it. I go into settings connect to the router by putting in the password and then go onto the internet to put in the IP address and do the setup wizard...
  5. C

    Root Pendo Pad 7" PNDPP41DG7 Black or Silver

    If you haven`t bricked but want root plus extras. MAKE BACKUP - using Uberizer option i/3 If you have bricked or semi bricked. OK you need these files (google them) 1.AdbDriverInstaller 2.LiveSuitPack111 3.FaaastJB-v2.5 (Big thanks to Toxicro) 4.plus from toxicro if you scroll down under...
  6. S

    Help Semi-Bricked Pendo Pad 7 (Non Dodo)

    OK so a few months ago i was rooting my Pendopad and got it working was great i then went to upgrade to a better ROM but i bricked and it being so cheap i just went Meh but after finding it again i want to get it working and well it show the PBP Logo and then the Pendo Logo and that's it. it...
  7. D

    Pendo Pad access to internet via Telstra USB modem

    I have just bought a Pendo Pad 4.0 Multitouch tablet. I would like to access the internet using my Telstra BigPond Turbo internet stick modem. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and if so what do I use for my network settings? (I read a similar post from someone wanting to do the same with a...
  8. V

    Help RAW .ZIP for PPMT-7

    Hi, Looking for a COMPLETE raw VIRGIN image for my Pendo Pad PPMT-7, so that I can get my Wifi going again.... Then I can root it to get upgrade installed Any Help appreciated. What is the best Rom upgrade to consider so that my Pendo can use google play store etc.... Thanks in anticipation...
  9. N

    Root How to Root PendoPad 8" ICS 4.0.4

    Hi I have just Bought a PendoPAD 8" from Harvey Norman. Its is running ICS 4.0.4. Is there any tut on how to root this Tablet thank you.
  10. T

    Root Pendo pad 7 jellybean help please

    I have trouble with my Pendo Pad 7" with comes with 1 mobile market for apps which is giving me trouble with those that need google play. Is there anyway to root and use gapps with this. Tablet model: PNDPP41DG7BLK Any help will be appreciated. (Note: i have tried to use the jellybean google...
  11. T

    Help Watching TV on my Pendo Pad

    Hello everyone, I have a Pendo 4.0 Multitouch 7". I've been tryi ng to do catchups on some TV shows on Channel 7 (7plus). The program will start loading but then a message will cme up saying ? : "We're sorry, This video format is not supported on this device." Can anyone give me some...
  12. bubbasd

    Android 4.1 on PendoPad 8

    PendoPad 8
  13. A

    Help Pendo Pad 2.1 upgrade to 2.2

    Hello, I have a Pendo pad TPC7SLV and havn't been able to get any clear information about whether it was possible to do an upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2. I'm hoping some one has quality information about this subject. Any pointers would be very much welcomed! What I do know is that there is a firmware...
  14. Z

    Root CM9 for PPMT4 7inch

    Tried to do as much reading and backing up as possible for this one. Was using Stylez's custom ROM for my PPMT4 7 inch and that was working a treat, easy to install and seemed foolproof. Still had to alter my build.prop and copy some missing xml files for increased Google Play compatibility...
  15. S

    Root how do i root my pendopad 4.0 PNDPP4MT9G2 multitouch 9.7"

    hi, i just recieved the 9.7" pendopad 4.0 through dodo and instantly noticed theres no google play and will not allow me to access it through the web. i have been told i need to "root" my pad but none of the methods suggested to me so far have worked. im not a very technical user so if any...
  16. K

    Help Pendo 4GB model-have I been ripped off?

    Hey all, I bought a Pendo TPC&SLV. I bought this as a 4 gig model. Apparently they come in 2 gig and 4 gig. Under Setting/SD Card & device storage settings it states there is Internal flash storage available space of 2.61GB. I asked about this and was told the rest (of the 4 GB) was taken...
  17. B

    How can I BUY apps for the pendopad 7"

    Hi everyone, I've recently purchased a pendo pad 7" for my son and am currently unable to buy any apps for it. I have completed the following steps: Set up and registered a gmail account with the device. Registered my ccard details with google checkout. Used the inbuilt app store and have...
  18. I

    Help Help with my pendo pad pls...

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and also a newbie on the pendo pad. I just got a pendo pad for my kids... And I'm just wondering how do u get apps from the android market? I'm only using getjar to get apps and you don't get much choices there... Pls help! I tried to go online and went to google play...
  19. bubbasd

    Root PP4MT-7 windows 7 x64 usb adb driver

    Recently i noticed the android device in device manager of Windows 7x 64 laptop has a ! next to it so i looked around found no driver until found this Post Modified from this post Install Android SDK. (Get it here) Open "android-sdk-windows\extras\google\usb_driver\android_winusb.inf" in...
  20. O

    Help Pendo Pad 7 - Windows 7 Driver?

    Hi, My mum recently got a Pendo Pad 7 for free. The box says Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and has GetJar (which is terrible). So I am wanting to do what i've read in a few threads about rooting it and installing another app downloader/store. I couldn't even connect it to one of our...
  21. bubbasd

    Root can we use the gapps jb?

    Is I possible to use the gapps jellybean date zips in our pendo 4.0 without too much bugs afterwards?:confused:
  22. T

    Pendopad 4.0

    Hey all, I am a total beginner with this, we got it for the kids to play games on so they leave our phones alone. Heres my problem, I don't have a wireless router, we are hooked upto the internet via ethernet cable, so I tried using my phone HTC XL as a hotspot ( I did this successfully with my...
  23. A

    Root Jelly Bean'd PendoPad

    I had been playing around with CM10 on my recently acquired PendoPad 4, and to my surprise, it works....to a point. Unfortunately, my skills are not that great yet, as I am new to Android as well. I simply followed the instructions at [rom] Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 for many AllWinner A10...
  24. bubbasd

    Root Wonder if u could download google apps to your pc?!

    Mind u this is not easy to accompish at first until u have the tools to do it. until a while passed searching alternate ways finding how to get apks off google play i came across this tool and have been using it for months now, i cant give the download but i can give u the page to start and...
  25. bubbasd

    like getjar

    does anone find getjar hopeless? :confused: