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Basic question about my PendoPad - PDF reader


Jan 1, 2015

I just picked up a 7" PendoPad. It's a quad core with 1Gb RAM and uses a KITKAT OS.

I got this specifically for reading PDF files, seemed a much better choice than PDF readers as they are much more expensive and have very basic screens whereas I'm hoping the PendoPad might be capable of showing the graphics and colours I have in the software manuals I want to read on it.

I am not interested in connecting to the internet at all, just want to read my PDF files and I am not able to do this yet. There is the 'Google Books' option and I don't know what that is but it needs internet access.

Is there a way I can download some PDF reading software on my computer and transfer it to my PendoPad? I wouldn't know how to install it if it's possible, so any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Here you go:

I've uploaded two free apps for you. Adobe PDF reader and xplore file manager. You may not need the latter of your device already has a file manager installed.

Sorry if this information is redundant to you but just in case I'll let you know how to side load apps.

You need to go to the device settings and go to the security section (settings>security) and enable the "unknown sources" option.

Transfer the files to your device via USB connection and use the file explorer I provided or not, if you already have one.

Use the file explorer to browse to the location of the saved apk file(s) and simply tap them to initiate installation.

I just realized while typing that if you don't already have a file explorer, you wouldn't be able to install a file explorer using this method.

If you don't already have a file explorer installrd, you might have to bite the bullet and temporarily use WiFi with the device to get a file explorer installed.

Alternatively (more complicated) install the forum's mini SDK and use adb to push the apk file to your device. If you're comfortable with command prompt that may be a viable option. More info on that here: http://androidforums.com/threads/adb-guide-updated-2014-11-11.443072/
See posts 1 and 2 in that thread.

Hope this helps!
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Hi Brian!
Thanks for the precise and clear explanation, that was very easy. I had the file manager already and followed the security setting changes like you said and it installed and it really is what I was hoping for.
Why do people buy silly, expensive PDF readers when they can get a Pendo Pad?
You made my day man, my manuals look brilliant on my little Pendo Pad. Thank you!
: D !!
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