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Help Won't charge at all! Help!!


Sep 4, 2011
My Droid Charge won't charge at all. Over the last week it took longer and longer to fully charge. Eventually it would take 8 hours to charge. Now, it won't charge at all. I've tried the house charger and the car charger. It comes on and just sits there. It shows about 10% battery while the charger is plugged in but once the charger is unplugged it turns red and flashing. Is it possible that this could be anything I did or is it just a fluke with the phone? I got the phone early June, so I've only had it 3 months. TIA
I was finally able to get it to start charging with the phone powered off. It has been on charge for 5 hours and is not even half way charged!!! If it is a battery issue, I'm just wondering, is this something that happens often? Batteries just give out? In such short amounts of time?
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I took it in to Verizon, they claim that the charging port is loose because of wear and tear!? If it wasn't picking up the charger why is the phone showing that it's charging when the charger is connected??

Never heard that one before.

And just to be 100% clear.... Are you using the OEM charger that came with the phone and the oem cable?

Many older chargers don't have the right amps (even some newer ones!) to properly charge the phone.

Common problem, not just with android or charge.
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