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WOOT!--New Cappy...Very Happy


Jul 18, 2010
:D Just got it last night at ATT b&m (for $149!!) and yes (as my lovely wife can attest) I was captivated for many an hour. Battery cycling...right!!

Overall VERY good despite the posts I've read. Very intuitive UI but I could see where some mods would be sweet.

EXCELLENT GPS performance; 15-30 sec fixes INDOORS with 5-10m accuracy w/out WiFi. My BJII was never this good.

Excellent YouTube performance WITH HQ playback

8GB SDHC works flawlessly

My only suck is phone contacts transfer from WM6

BTW - bod was 7/22/10

Now on to the Market, sideloading and mebbe root
I came from a Blackjack II as well! I love the Captivate and I'm SO glad I waited to upgrade the the Galaxy S family instead of joining the Apple Mafia.

To get my contacts from my BJII I sync'd to my WinXP PC (the Blackjack has Win7 issues), exported the contacts from Outlook as a CSV (windows) file, and then imported that CSV file to Gmail. I'm pretty sure the phone automatically syncs it from there. Also when you have the contacts sync'd like that you can't do custom ringtones for people, but I got RingDroid which bypasses that.

I personally don't think I'll root anytime soon, though, much like when I didn't hack my PSP for 2-3 years. I'd kinda feel dirty, and I've only had the phone 3 days so...
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I just got mine on Monday and I'm loving it so far myself. I got a little worried about some of the initial complaints I saw, but I went ahead with it anyways because it sounded like the people that exchanged launch day models were happy with their replacement.

My GPS isn't too accurate, and that is a bit problematic, but I haven't gone through the fix it steps yet. I'm confident that once I follow XDA's advice I'll be good to go, and GPS isn't a huge demand for me anyways. Probably won't root until after the FroYo upgrade comes along from Sammy/AT&T, but if the FroYo is available before that via rooted customization, I'll probably do that.
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EXCELLENT GPS performance; 15-30 sec fixes INDOORS with 5-10m accuracy w/out WiFi. My BJII was never this good.

Try to pull up directions to some place in town and see if you can get google navigate to work.

I've noticed my phone can find me on google maps pretty easily in a decent amount of time, but once I start moving it's a completely different story. And I can forget google navigation. It always says it's searching for gps. I can't ever get that sexy little robotic english woman to tell me where to turn next... man I miss that voice.
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@Thassodar: thx for the sync info. yeah rooting seems a bit ...ahh...yeah I couldn't figure out how to convert to CSV from WM6 as you say since I'm not using outlook.

I did however use Sprite Migrate (Sprite Mobile - Transfer Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian data to Android) and WOW, that was slick -ck it out!

bye bye suck :D

@Thin: yeah static isn't the same but I took it as a good sign. Now that I've migrated contacts I really miss 'Map contact in google Maps' right from contacts.

@Wreck: I'd be interested in knowing your bod :eek:...er born on date... to see if age matters.
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