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Root Worried about recovering


Android Expert
Apr 6, 2012
Sacramento, CA
I'm very much an Android newbie, but have been dealing with desktop computing since DOS 5.0/Windows 3.1 days.

I'm giving some thought to rooting my phone simply to get rid of stock stuff I dislike, and my husband claims that a lot of useful utilities (like backup software) requires root access.

Before I take the plunge, is there a way to restore to factory settings if I screw something up?
It's a cakewalk even if you weren't a long-time PC user.

Like Austrie said, install CWM, make a backup and rename it "VM OEM" or whatever and you can always revert to it.

I recommend trying all the ROMs to see which one works best for you.

One note: If you rename your nandroid backup, make sure that you don't use spaces in the name. That's been known to cause md5 mismatch errors when you try to restore them.
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