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wow, can someone get facebook right?


Android Enthusiast
Nov 21, 2009
Cleveland, Ohio
Since the update, facebook app seems to run a little better, but why when I update my status does it not show up on facebook.com? Really redic if you ask me. It does show in the live feed though, but wtf is the deal?

Don't tell me to use facebook.com because there's gotta be a decent facebook app. I hate bloo as well.

Am I missing something, or does every facebook app blow?
I just signed up for Facebook the other day and am SO disappointed to find out that of all the things this phone does well FB is not one of them. Even more frustrated to find out that every phone I've owned up to this one does FB VERY well. Ugh. Guess I'll try Bloo and see how it does because I've been using the website so far since the built in FB app is just awful.
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well I havent had any problems updating status. And Ive notice ever since my update to 2.0.1 Facebook for Android has actually gotten better and even added some more features. I can see my profile pictures now as well as my friends and the widget runs smoother. Granted its not as nice as my iPod Touch Facebook for iPhone nor does it have the same features which I hope they fix with the next update for the Droid in January. I tried bloo but I dont really like it. Its slow and the facebook for android is better than that in my eyes. I do use the touch site also though when I want to check my notifications and actually be able to click on it to proceed to one of my facebook apps. Or I use the facebook touch site to do other things that the actual facebook for android app cant do either. As long as you have those too its usuable.
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If only the status updates I post would show under status updates on the .Com rather then live updates id be happy. In the meantime I guess ill just have a link for the touch site on my homepage. They need to throw some more work and support into facebook for android, the only notification I get is if someone pokes me, and even that takes forever. Fastest notification is 30min intervals? Wow.
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If only the status updates I post would show under status updates on the .Com rather then live updates id be happy.

I don't think this is an issue with Facebook apps for Android, but instead a Facebook.com issue which no one on here or any other Android forum can help you with. I would suggest contacting Facebook support about this issue.
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