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Help wrong csc and kies error

Hi all, i am trying to upgrade my GT-i9100 but i am getting a kies error saying that my phone is not supported for updates via Kies. I believe this is because i previously flashed my phone to gingerbread but using a ROM with a CSC different to what my phone was originally.

So i need to flash the phone using a ROM with the right CSC, but how do i find out what it was? Currently it is XEN, but when i look for the code for the UK i find multiple entries.

SO which code do i use for an unbranded i9100 in the UK? And is there an ICS rom around for that code, or is it best to use an gingerbread ROM with the correct CSC then use kies to update to ICS?

Thanks in advance.
The CSC your looking for is XEU, that is the code for UK unbranded firmware.

Gingerbread 2.3.4 was the last gingerbread release for UK unbranded, since then ICS has been released on 20th April

If you wanna update via kies then you can flash 2.3.4 but to successfully get your CSC to XEU you would need to put your phone in recovery mode, clear cache and then factory reset, so all you doing is making sure the sales code is XEU or kies will keep rejecting your update.

Or a much quicker option would be to download the latest ICS and flash it.

The below link is where you can download the latest stock ICS

[All Official ICS Firmwares] I9100XWLP7 (4.0.3) - United Kingdom (XEU) [17-4-12] - xda-developers
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