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Help Wrong Provider Banner on Lockscreen - Can't edit


Dec 3, 2011
I have a Hero CDMA phone that was purchased from a Canadian carrier. I have confirmed that the CID is the proper one for the carrier. However, I did a factory (##786#) reset on the phone, and now the lockscreen is showing "Cellular South" as the banner on the lockscreen. I tried changing roms to Zero Sense, and, although it is in a different place on the screen, it still says Cellular South. I take it that cellular south was where my carrier got the phones from originally. There is no RUU available for my carrier.

Before I did the reset, I was able to edit the banner with QPST and have it show up properly on the phone. My previous banner still shows with QPST, but the lockscreen won't change from "Cellular South".

So, I used to be able to edit my banner, but after the reset, I now can't. I read somewhere that the HeroC only has 9 spaces for Banners, but this Banner is 14 and I can't figure out where it is stored to edit it. I have tried looking at some xml files, and it is not in the normal places.

If anyone has any idea where the information on the banner is stored, or any way to get it back to being able to be edited, I would appreciate it.

I also have an Alltel phone, and I did the same reset on it, and it also now has a locked Cellular South banner but I thought that was just because it was a US phone.


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