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Help wrong timestamp for pictures

hmmm it seems to be correct now. just took 2 pics and they have the correct timestamp. i'm gonna try it again later or tomorrow. seems like it doesn't happen all the time because i took some pics a while back and they had the correct timestamp. and then pics after that date were not correct. and now its correct again. will have to investigate further.
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I just checked my pics and everything matches perfectly, both the filename and pic details.

Under Settings > Location and security settings, did you ever check one of those boxes to have your DROID find your location? I can't think of any other location type settings that I've ever used. :thinking:

Under Settings is Date & time settings. Setting it to Automatic (use network-provided values) causes the time zone value to be grayed out. Mine is set to Automatic, but the time zone is displayed correctly.
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