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Help Xperia X Compact: No SIM Card - No Service


Aug 22, 2021
Xperia X Compact (F5321). Oreo 8.0

Few days back it suddenly goes No Service, no calls or SMS so:
  1. Obtained new SIM card - still No Service
  2. Tested new SIM card in back up device - SIM works fine
  3. Factory Reset - still No Service
  4. Sent away for repair, returned with work carried out "Software Update" - works for two days then No Service again.
  5. Tried all the usual Network Settings reset, etc - still No Service
When I insert the SIM card the phone restarts and shows No SIM Card - No Service and the No SIM card icon shows in the status bar. After 5 or so minutes the phone changes to showing No Service and the No Service icon (empty triangle). This seems odd.

Phone has not been dropped, it has a protective case, and has not been immersed.

Can anyone help with ideas for a fix, please?


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