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Xperia xa charging problem.

Hey so I've had this phone xperia XA about a month now and it's always had this problem, the phones not new though its second hand but bought from a reputable store. If I'm playing games while charging the battery will still drain. I've not got the original charger but I'm using an ancher fast charger with the stores own cable I got the phone from. When I first open the game its fine but within 5 minuets the battery gets really hot and that's when it starts losing charge. When it's charging when I'm not gaming it'll charge an average of 1500ma but whilst I'm gaming the charge is -300ma or greater according to accubattery. All apps are uptodate, I've upgraded the phone to android nougart. I have the screen brightness at 50% and auto brightness is turned off. I'm starting to think it could be the battery but accubattery tells me the batterys health is at 98% based on a number of charge cycles. Before I got this phone I had an iPhone 5, used the same charger (I know it wasn't a fast charging phone and its probably what broke it in the end but..) and it never had this problem, it would still charge while playing the exact same games even when the battery overheated.

Ive looked all over for a solution but can't find one. I'm starting to lose my mind lol and thinking that I should just go back to ios. Really hope someone can help me as I do enjoy android more for the most parts.

Thans for any answers.

Edit: I thought it might be the online games I'm playing causing this so I downloaded an app from the play store while watching a video on YouTube but the same thing happens, battery drains while it's charging. Then I thought it might be the wifi/mobile data so I downloaded a single player game and turned on flight mode while playing it, same thing happens the battery still dains while charging.
well any game will drain battery.....sometimes more then it is charging. also keep in mind that thepholne has been out since 2016. it does not matter when the phone was bought. battery life will always decrease over time even if it is still in the box.
I really don't think it's the gaming since the battery still drains even when I'm downloading and watching a video together. The battery life decreases even when it is boxed? That's interesting, I don't really trust apps that give info about phones or even claim to boost a phone so maybe accubattery is giving me wrong info too. I'll get the battery changed and see if that helps. Thanks for the reply!
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