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You CAN make calls from the Sprint Galaxy Tab with Groove Ip and Google Voice


Dec 9, 2010
I wanted to start this thread so I wasn't continually hi-jacking the thread where I found this awesome bit of informaiton.

As I was reading over some threads looking for something new and exciting for my Sprint Galaxy Tab, I ran across this thread which talks about using Skype to make calls. As I read down further, I saw where a memeber, stpbby, had ran across an app called Groove Ip (featured here)

I spent the $4 for the app and tried it out. What it does is allows you to use your Google Voice account to make phone calls using Sprint Galaxy tab.

I am able to make and receive calls using my tab now. It's all Voip and uses both 3G and/or Wifi to make the calls so no need for a calling plan and minutes (this seems to also be useful on other phones as well). The calls seem to be clear and as good as any calls I make with my Evo but YMMV depending on your headset and location. I can't Bluetooth any earpiece to the tab, but I do use a wired headset that seems to work fine. The app does give you some options in the settings to adjust the mic gain and the speaker volume. It can be set to start on power up so it automatically opens when you turn on your tab.

You give out your Google Voice number as this is going to be the phone number for the Tab. You can't use the number associated with your tab in your Sprint account as that will not work...and I was't able to use my Sprint number I ported over from another phone line. You may have better luck though.

For me personally, I have a few lines on my Sprint account and I used one of the lines that I don't currently use much. This is the account I used to log into my Google Voice app and the Groove Ip app on my tab, I did not port my Sprint number over, so I have my Sprint phone as the physical device (I'm sure you can add a home phone or your work phone, but I have not tried this) and did not need to add the tab to the Google Voice account.

I have found that for some reason, it will randomly "un-register" you and a reboot of the app or the tab will fix this, and any missed calls will show up thanks to Google Voice.

From my experience this works great, not that it was exactly "needed" but like most things I do with my devices, it's the fun of seeing if it can be done.

Anyway, it works well for me, and I hope it works well for you.
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You can also use syncSMS (from the market) to send text messages from your Tab and have the number show up as your cell phone number (have to have syncSMS on both tab and your cell phone)

Have that and GrooveIP set up on my Verizon Galaxy Tab (cancelled data plan so only use it on Wifi) and I can make calls and text.
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