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Help You Tube Login?


Nov 8, 2009
I tried to log into my You Tube account through the shortcut I have had set up. I had entered the password when I forst logged in weeks ago, but it asked me again. I entered my password, which is my Goggle Password as Google and You Tube are linked, but it is not taking the password for my You Tube account, altough that is the password I use online.

Anyone else having issues logging into their You Tube account on the Droid?
I had big trouble logging into Youtube from the Droid a couple of weeks ago...I was using the Youtube app that comes on the Droid.

It just would not take my id/PW...I typed it repeatedly, slowly, accurately, verified on the PC I had the right info and it would not let me log in.

I gave up.

A couple days later I opened the youtube app and I was logged in.

Weird...but it finally worked.

That only happened once. The last time I reset my phone I was able to log in no problems. No idea why it happened that way one time.
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