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your favorite widgets...


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Feb 26, 2010
Norman, OK
So there hasn't been one of these threads in the Sprint Hero section for while.

With my recent discovery of Launcher Pro, I am trying a "back to the drawing board" regarding my home screen organization philosophy. The dock, with essentially 14 app shortcut slots available, may satisfy quick accessibility to my day to day apps. Thus freeing up precious real estate for widgets galore.

So... What are your favorites? How do you make your home screens "come alive" with:
calenders, social interaction, music, weather, sports, maps, pictures, widgets that link to other websites/service, or anything else?

list 'em or screen shot 'em, just share 'em
I also use launcherpro running on aosp froyo I love the scrollable launcher with the ability to put 15 apps in the launcher. I set swipe gesture for each middle icon to open the app drawer.

The widgets I use are: the agenda widget and bookmark widget from launcher pro plus (don't like the people widget as it doesn't link their pictures from FB), stock music widget, setCPU widget, battery watcher widget, fancy widget for clock/ weather, and switch pro widget for toggles such as 3g, wifi, etc.
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