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Root Your rom screen shots


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Apr 28, 2013
Here is my rom


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Nova Prime 2.2. The dock is hidden (optional) until I swipe up. You can also set multiple pages on the dock, how many home screens you have, custom tabs in the drawer, folders in drawer and dock, 1x1 widgets in the dock and it keeps the drawer alphabetized.
The background is a fractal by NSmith (at DeviantArt).
The text clock is Zooper widget Pro.
Now how do I do the thumbnail thing with pictures in my posts?
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...snipped quote
Now how do I do the thumbnail thing with pictures in my posts?

This will better explain it:)
Taken from here:

Method One:

First, copy the image URL of the images you wish to post and then when making a new post go to the

icon and paste the image URL. Hit "OK" and your image will be posted.

You may include links to your Photobucket, Picassa or Flickr account. Look for perma-link options, and grab just the URL, typically ending in jpg.

NOTE: First posts no images or links. Images aren't allowed in your signature unless you upgrade to Premium Membership.

Method Two

If you would like to add images from your pc or phone, when you click reply, scroll down the page and you will see the Additional Options section and a section named Attach Files. Click on Manage Attachments.
View attachment 53319

You will see a popup. Notice at the bottom of the popup there are size restrictions depending on what type file it is. If you don't get the popup when you click Manage Attachments, check your browser and allow popups for Android Forums.
View attachment 53308

Click Browse and select the file you want and then click upload.
View attachment 53306

You will then see the files attached to your post.
View attachment 53307

The pictures will show up as thumbnails at the bottom of your post that people can click and see an enlargement. You can also have them show as thumbnails in the body of your post instead of the bottom, like the pics in my post. To do that, first click the Advanced Editor icon.
View attachment 53304

In the picture, you will see where I placed tags. The number in the tag is the number assigned to your uploaded image. If you click on an attachment you uploaded, or just hover your mouse over it, you'll see the url is like http://androidforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=53154&stc=1&d=1366308099. The first number after attachmentid=, is the number that goes between the Attach tags.
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