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Help youtube app not working and cant find

I had the same problem,couldnt find youtube app but market said it was installed.....

To sort it out i used es file explorer, went to SYSTEM,APPS...then scrolled down all the pre installed apps and found the you tube apk and installed it,it now comes up on my apps and widget list.

I also found a file called READER,i clicked on it and it had loads of books in it..........
alice in wonderland
a tale of two cities
jayne eyre
white fang,and quite a few others.
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having pretty much the exact same problem as the op :(

The app doesn't appear in my apps list, but does appear under 'manage applications' - but all the buttons are disabled.

When I go to the market, it says installed, but the 'open' button is disabled

When I try to reinstall from an apk file, I get the options of 'uninstall' or 'launch'. when I uninstall, it just says 'uninstallation unsuccessful', and when I select 'launch', I get 'Activity not found - com.google.android.youtube'

Any other ideas I can try?

(Current version is 2.1.6 if it helps)

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