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Help Z-axis acceleration sensor malfunctioning


Sep 2, 2010
I'm having some problems with the auto-rotate function on my spica. I tried to troubleshoot the problem, and I think I found a problem with the acceleration sensor. Using a simple app to view the X,Y and Z rotations, it appears that the z-axis is malfunctioning.

When I put the phone on a flat surface, and rotate it around the axis in the middle of the screen, none of the rotation angles change significantly. However, since I'm rotating about the z-axis, I should see the z-value change.

I did notice that, when rotating the phone around it's x or y-axis, the z-axis value does change, but together with the x or y-axis value.

The result of this apparent malfunctioning is that when I hold my phone flat, so when looking from on top of it, and I rotate it, the auto-rotate feature doesn't work. This can be quite annoying.

Is my understanding of the rotation sensor correct? Meaning: should the z-value change when rotating the phone around it's z-axis? Or does it work some other way?

Does this have to do with the android system, or with working of the acceleration sensor used in the galaxy spica? (BMA150 sensor)

In other words, is this a hardware malfunction in my phone, or is it normal and is the auto-rotate function/acceleration sensor flawed by design?


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