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zte quest 5 z3351

Justin Raney

Mar 8, 2021
i just got a brand new quest 5 zte z3351 2 months ago. The phone screen sensitivity seems to be messed up or whatever controls the touch screen. After i hit a couple icons or buttons the rest dont work or when typing a message i find myself having to take a cloth a wipe the screen to get anymore use out of the phone. I use my long sleeve tshirt sleeve to wipe the screen is the buttons or touch screen stops working and then it continues to work. Whichever area stops working i can wipe just that part of the screen say lower icons needing use and the phone continues to functions but then stops within a few seconds of use. Anyone know why it does this just started occurring 2 days ago.
I just recently &ot the same device.

I have used ZTE devices for years, and for the most part have found them to be great for the price.

But not the Quest 5.

Mine, right out of the box, has zero screen response near the edges on both sides.
This makes it basically impossible to type a message or to tap anything along the sides or corners.

I truely hate the device.

If I thought for a moment that I could send it back I would have done so immediatelly.

I have never been so disappointed in a smartphone before.

Honestly, the free phone provided by cellular companies have been twice the device.

I am sorry that we have to share such an experience.

Currenntly, I use the phone only to look up oil capacities of cars and trucks at my work.

I have a great browser, that I changed the homepage to a website with the info that I need.

So, the screen being junk has no effect in this use.

If you can send it back, do so, and get something better.
To be honest, that is not asking much.

I would have sent mine back immediately, but I am weary of dealing with the miserable cellular company that I got the thing from.

What is so sad is that the cellular company was great, and provided great phones and service right up until Sprint mearged with T-Mobile.

Now the service is nonexistant, there is no customer service available, e-mails go unanswered, and the devices are even garbage.
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facorty reset didnt work zte took the phone under the one year warranty they sentme a printable prepaid shipping label. The touch screen just doesnt respond off and on. SHows theyll receive the phone to there warranty department zte thru fedex tomorrow. I purchased that in march 2021 to replace my 2.5 year old 818s zte ive had with same carrier. In may 2 months later started acting up Its qlink wireless so i went ahead and ordered a new phone as well for 20$ shipped qlink branded zte quest 5 received it 2 days ago and the other is sent in under zte 1 year warranty.
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