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I am confused about my "almost" rooted phone.

So, this is the first time I'm rooting a phone, but I am stuck. I:
  • Downloaded Odin
  • Flashed TWRP, vbmeta, and Disable Dm-Verity ForceEncrypt.
  • Did a data wipe on TWRP
  • Installed Magisk
But, I couldn't boot into the system. I get the normal boot screen, with this message:

The phone is not running Samsung's official software. You may have problems with features or security. and you won't be able to install software updates.

Now this is normal for a basic rooted phone, according to many sources. But, it stays on that screen until I force shut it down (Power + Volume up and down, then boot to TWRP and shut it down).

This phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. It can still be put into download mode, this just happens when I try to boot the system up.
Any ideas? Please let me know!

Help Android 9 "open with" options for apps

Moto Z4 using Android 9. Rooted with stock ROM.

Using an app called Kore (kore - Android Apps on Google Play) which is a remote control for my Kodi system. One screen of the app shows the cast of a movie/TV show and you can press on the icon of a cast member and it used to open the corresponding page in the IMDB app. But somewhere along the line it switched to opening as a search in a browser.

I cleared out all the "Open by default" options in Settings>Apps for all my browsers, Kore and IMDB but when I'm given a choice of where to open the link, it only offers my the choice of browsers. Is there a way to get Android to offer IMDB as a choice in the "Open with..." dialog shown below?

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

ok so Black Friday is coming up next week. anybody going to be doing any shopping on that day? what about Cyber Monday?
what do you plan to buy?

some places like Best Buy are already offering Black friday prices now. i just bought a sony XR 65" A80l

they also had deal on a sony sopundbar as well.

what are you guys getting? anything? nothing? lol


Hello Android Enthusiasts!

Excited to join this dynamic Android forum and be part of a community that shares a passion for all things Android! I'm James, and my journey with Android has been a thrilling exploration of the latest devices, apps, and everything in between.

Currently rocking MI Note 8, but always on the lookout for the next tech adventure. Whether it's troubleshooting, discovering hidden gems in the Play Store, or customizing my device for that perfect setup, I'm all in.

I'm eager to connect with fellow Android lovers, share insights, and learn from your experiences. What's your go-to Android feature or app that you can't live without? Let's kick off some engaging discussions and make this forum a go-to hub for Android greatness!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Thanksgiving 23

As the Thanksgiving approaches, I'm sure that everyone has made their plans for the holiday. We are gathering at my son's house which is only a ten minute drive. My son is smoking both a spiral cut ham and a turkey. His oldest daughter, son-in-law and their three children will be there bringing side dishes. My youngest daughter and her husband and two children will be doing the same. The wife and I will also contribute and I'm sure we'll all have a great time and eat too much.

What are your plans for the holiday? Does your family have an unusual dish that is always served on Thanksgiving? One of my son-law's parents always have lasagna for the holiday. My wife's parents always fixed oyster dressing to go with the turkey. A friend of mine always has German sausages and potato dumplings that he called kenadles (sp) for Thanksgiving.
My family always had turkey, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, dressing, turkey gravy, green bean casserole, and cranberry slices. I forgot, we always have noodles too.

I hope that you get to share the time with friends and family. If you travel, do travel safe.

Hear me out— not a loon

Someone had physical access to my Samsung s22 for a good amount of time, and ever since then I haven’t been able to factory reset, random stuff would be on the clipboard, the phone would keep changing accessibility options. I’d also get really strange predictive words when using the keyboard. I know how y’all treat people who think they are being hacked, but I can’t think of anything else it could be. What do you all think?

Android should make a phone with a better graphics card and with a screen that is slightly wider than normal phone

Android should make a phone with a better graphics card and with a screen that is slightly wider than normal phone. It should have a slightly bigger memory core. Mobile gaming is on the rise more than ever I just think it would be smart to roll something out ahead of the game. Also because In all personal opinion I absolutely want Android phones to always to better than apple products even though it's not that hard for them. Lmao

Anyone experienced the Octo trojan?

That or something similar landed on my phone a week or so ago. It eluded my antimalware program and attempted to interpose itself between my QR download and the webpage it was suppose to show. Here is what I saw:


followed by

Screenshot_20231116-162534_Brave-2 .jpg

and finally


As you can see, it wants your complete credit card details.
Just wondering how it was removed.

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Textra Default Contacts \ Share Option...

With hopes this makes sense here, as it definitely does in my head (sure:); when you go to share a picture from the gallery app or a file from the file app, for me Textra is my main texting app... That said I noticed that for a while now, instead of suggesting sending the file to the people I send files to the most, it either picks some random contact or a confirmation text I deleted long ago. (Like when you want to log into your bank account and it sends a security text, and you use it and delete it; yeah, it even suggest that as a contact!)

So is there away to add a default contact, or at least have it suggest the most recent \ often used contacts? Thank you in advance!

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Playing songs on my phone without Spotify

Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy A51 5G UW. I transferred songs from my computer to my phone. When I try to play them, at first a promt came up that said I needed to log into Spotify, then, after I logged in, after I again tried to play the songs, it said that Spotify couldn't play the song, that I needed Spotify premium or something. These songs are on my phone, aren't they? How can I play them without connecting to Spotify or having a premium account? Sorry if I sound naive.

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How to stop Google Maps from showing the Media Playback Controls if the setting to turn it off is not where the help documents say it is

How do I stop Google Maps from showing the Media Playback Controls if the setting to turn it off is not where the help documents say it is?

According to this page, I can turn off the media controls in Maps by going to Settings -- Navigation Settings -- Show media play back controls. However, on my phone, from in Maps (and not in a trip), I touch my picture in top right -- Settings -- Navigation Settings -- (and there's no "Show media play back controls"). I can't find that setting anywhere else, either. Makes me wonder how the controls were turned on but, more important, how do I turn it off?

I'm using Android version 13 on a moto g stylus 5g.


Problem with video recording in Pro Mode

Hi guys and girls!
I recently bought a used Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro phone, mostly because of the large sensor of the main camera (1/1.33").
I need this phone for mobile film making and for shooting videos.

The problem is this: When I enter Pro Mode for shooting 4K or 8K video via the Xiaomi camera app, and when I manually set all the necessary settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, White balance), the exposure still changes if I pan the camera from light to dark (makes the dark areas even darker!). This drop in overall brightness should not occur when the exposure is fixed manually. Any fluctuations in exposure are unacceptable, given that every setting is manually set to a fixed value.

- The problem occurs not only with the factory Xiaomi camera app, but also when I am using third-party video shooting apps such as mcpro24fps and MotionCam.
- The problem also occurs when using both the Wide and the Ultra Wide cameras.

This suggests to me that the issue is not caused by the apps or by the cameras, but is most likely caused by some bug in MIUI and/or Android.

What do you think is the cause for this problem?
How can I fix it?
Should I downgrade to an older MIUI and/or Android version?
Or should I root my phone and adjust some setting?

I am currently running:
Android 12
MIUI Global 14.0.1

Here is a video demonstrating the problem. Notice how the whole picture becomes darker when I point the camera down to the bushes:

Thanks in advance!

Samsung S23 camera - RAW is so restricted (PRO mode only?)

It seems RAW is enabled only in their "PRO" mode, but that has no auto exposure so each time needs to be tweaked.

This is really dumb and hard to believe it was intended.

3rd party apps I could find do not support the three cameras it has. For example Open Camera (which I used for years on the S10E, but after some OS or app update it became unreliable) can do RAW anytime but does not support the x3 optical zoom.

If there was an "get auto exposure" button on the PRO mode, that would be a reasonable solution, but I can't see one.

Thank you for any tips.

The camera is really good. I also had a Canon G7X Mk 2 which went on Ebay after I got the S23 because it was hardly better.

How to turn off Google maps on car audio?

So, something changed on my phone or google maps and I didn't do it.
I'm guessing an auto update of Google Maps or Samsung now has my google maps directions playing on my car audio.
I've always had bluetooth on my car/phone but in the last month or so this started.
What could have changed that is now causing GM to do turn by turn directions on my car audio?

BUG: "currently unable to send your message. It will be sent automatically when service is available"

Still having this issue randomly. Even with a Z Flip 4. Eventually texting breaks, and all messages stuck 'pending' with the toast message being in the thread title showing. In each case, I have full bars of either 5G+ or LTE+, and data and calling works. I just lose SMS. I'm not alone, as multiple Samsung phones I've owned sporting OneUI do this, and my girlfriend recently had this happen to her A52 5G as well. I prefer the Samsung SMS client overall since you can use custom wallpapers, and it being departed from Google, so I'd rather not change it. The only solution so far is to completely reboot the phone. Unfortunately, doing this also corrupts a lot of my custom widgets and I have to remove and re-add them or they show 'problem loading widget' so that simple reboot equates to an hour plus of reconfiguring my home screens. Has anyone else had this issue recently? Calling Samsung is useless, as they are like any form of modern 'tech support' aka automated crap with very bad at English Indians who think the solution to all the world's problems is 'have you turned off yer dewice and turned it back onnn?'

Help Note 8 - no audio when connecting phone to TV via HDMI cable

I bought the correct Samsung-branded USB-C to HDMI cable in order to mirror my phone screen and audio on the TV at my AirBnB while on holiday. I used this successfully on both my Galaxy Note 10 and my Galaxy Note 8 - audio and video both worked. That TV was a Smart TV, but not a Samsung. Now I'm back home with my non-smart TV, and the cable works fine with my Note 10, but I can't get audio from my Note 8. The screen mirrors fine, but when the HDMI cable is connected, there is no audio from either the TV or the phone itself. When I switch to Samsung Dex, the audio does come through the phone, but not through the TV. The problem is that I can't resize the app to fullscreen when using Samsung Dex, so I'd rather just use screen mirroring. Any solution as to how I can get the audio to work? Thanks.
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Traveling to Europe, best option to use phone abroad

We're traveling to Europe (Germany and Prague, specifically) and I'm wondering about what the best option is for my phone (or our phones) all on ATT. I'm specifically curious about my phone (S22 Ultra) but if you have thoughts on these other, lesser phones (3 iPhones). I can use wifi calling but then I'm 100% limited to areas with wifi and cannot text. Should I opt for the $10/day international plan? What about another European SIM, something to consider? Or is there another option I should be considering?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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