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Can I have my text message app make a different notification sound?

I have different sounds for many apps, including SMS. It just depends on whether the app supports it. But I don't use Samsung's Messages app, so don't know whether they do (probably not by the sound of it).

A recent update of ProtonMail lost this feature, but the developers tell me that they do intend to reinstate it.
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Alarming Food Prices

I guess I missed out on cereal. We had oatmeal once in a great while but no cereals. My father had to have his bacon and eggs daily and he ruled the roost.
I remember my mom buying generic puff rice cereal (the kind that came in the black and white bag) combined that with powder milko_O:spitoutdroid::thumbsdowndroid::goofydroid:. If I wanted a real breakfast I had to go school where they served oatmeal and pancakes
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Presidential Debate 2024 #1

5" to the right (of the shooter) would have been center-mass. I'd have welcomed it.

He's a despicable person that has caused harm, and death, among many, including his own supporters.

Also voted, among many historians, as the WORST president, ever. So there's that tidbit.

Wouldn't have been a great loss. Probably even a gain, with all his treasonous behaviors.
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galaxy s23 Voicemail popup notifications?

i do not think samsung has this option. you can use other voicemail apps. i use youmail which also doubles as my spam blocker. it has the option to use push notification:

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No new voicemail notifications or appearing in the inbox

My local verizon store does. You might want to ask them if there is one near you.
Not if it's a warranty issue. There's no shortage of repair shops around, and just like anywhere else, whatever service your local Verizon store renders, you're gonna pay out of pocket.
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Rant Thread - What really grinds your gears?

I used WPS office for windows ten, I thought to make a fresh document out of the blue oh ten minutes ago, and wants me to sign in right, but here is what really made me upset is that they wanted my credit card info for a free be, even though I did over oh 2 million documents without having to sign into an account, oddly I cannot remember the last time this ever occured with the program, so switched back to open officee, that I have previously did in a handful of decades back.
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The Drone Thread

I live in a now fly zone that is a footprint surrounding an Air Force base. The drone knows where it is at and will not fly. It was that way when I bought the drone years ago. I don't think there is any spying going on anywhere near a military facility by a DJI drone. If China has tapped my drone footage they can glean just how well the wheat field South of my cabin is doing or how much water is in the river. Honestly, I'm not completely buying into the super threat potential but I will acknowledge the possibility.

Yes because we all know that the Aliens are the one's spying on our Military bases :alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien:
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