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Movies of 2023

I saw The Killers of the Flower Moon, an interesting and chilling historical film about the fate of these Native Americans in the 1920s. The casting is impeccable, with Scorsese's favorite actors Robert De Niro and Leonardo Dicaprio , but the revelation of this film for me was the charismatic Lily Gladstone aka Molly.
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A Conversation With the Makers of the Galaxy SmartTag2

I received the original SmartTag with my S21 Ultra purchase. I've never used it. I've considered a SmarTag 2 for my bicycle. The battery, which key locks into the frame for use, and has a slot to house a tag. The design is to accommodate an apple tag which I would find useless. If the tags are the same size, I could see using a tag for tracking purposes in case of theft. My bike is never out of sight however so I've not pursued the protection.

I have considered placing a tag in my golf bag. It is often left unattended while registering in the clubhouse and buying beverages etc. Theft of clubs is uncommon but do happen. Clubs are expensive and could easily walk off while out of sight.
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S21 giving no audible notifications

There are apps that copy one phone to another, but that won't let you reset the phone then copy stuff back to the same phone because once you reset the phone there will be nothing left to copy back. Hence you need to back up to either cloud storage or another personal device.

Samsung have some PC software called "Smart Switch" which can back up the phone to a computer. There's an FAQ on it here. Note however that it can't back up everything (as it describes in the "what can I tranfer?" section), so I'd advise taking a second backup of important stuff (e.g. copy what you can to a computer over USB, or to your favourite cloud storage, in addition). I can't give any additional advice on this app because I've never used it myself.

In principle some stuff can be backed-up with a Google account (probably a Samsung account too), but I didn't find that reliable 10 years ago (when I was playing with custom ROMs and so resetting every few weeks) and while it may have changed I never got into the habit of trusting it. Maybe someone else can advise on that stuff.

[App][Free] Capture and Organize Real-World Colors for Your Projects

Hello there,

I often see colors in the real world that I want to use in my apps or websites. I tried to find an app for capturing color codes from real things, but all the ones I found were either full of ads, had in-app purchases, or their interfaces were too complicated. So, I decided to make my own app.

My app is pretty straightforward – it helps you capture colors, organize them into different projects, and write notes for each color about how you plan to use it.

It's the ideal tool for designers, artists, and creatives, providing instant access to essential color codes (HEX, RGB, HSB) for use in various digital projects. Whether you're working on graphic design, interior decorating, or digital art, this app turns your environment into an endless palette of colors. It's a perfect way to remember the context of your color choices, from conceptual design ideas to specific client needs.

I'm still working on the app and would really like some feedback. I'm especially interested in how you find the user interface and any suggestions for making it better.

Here’s the link to the app: Color Capture - Apps on Google Play

Thanks a lot for any feedback!


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