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htc droid incredible 4g

  1. K

    Help Youtube and video problems

    Hi, I just purchased a used HTC Droid Incredible Verizon 4G LTE. I got the phone set up and everything is working great except for internet videos, specifically youtube videos through the app or mobile website, and videos through the instagram app. When I go to watch any video it will play...
  2. Skynet11

    Official HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE User Manual - The official HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE User Guide Read more about this resource...
  3. B

    Help Is it at all possible to use emojis with this phone??

    I've tried SwiftKey, Emoji Keyboard, Google Keyboard, and several others and so far cannot find a single app that will allow me to see emojis. Regardless of whether they're sent from iPhone or another Droid, they all just come up as blank spaces or question marks. Has anyone figured out a way to...
  4. D

    Dialer Widget?

    I'm trying to mimic my favorite feature of the original Incredible...two touch dialing. On my first Incredible I could dial any of my Favorites with two touches, one swipe to the left to get to 2nd page (which had big pictures of contacts) and then touch Contact and it would dial. I can't...
  5. M

    Move from Verizon to ATT minor issue

    Apologies for my ignorance, but I've skimmed the forum and not found anything to address my specific problem. My S4 wouldn't hold a charge and a friend gave me a HTC Droid 4G to use. Switched my sim card out, switched to GSM and changed my APN to ATT and I have service, but only EDGE for...
  6. S

    Root Call for help to any and all Droid Incredible 4g ROM Devs!! (Also posted on XDA Dev Forum))

    I would really appreciate some help with a project that I am hoping to start soon. I would REALLY like to get Sense launcher (Rosie) working on a non-HTC phone, specifically the ZTE Force 4g. I am asking for help from Droid Incredible 4g devs, because of the similarity of the platforms...
  7. M

    Help Several Problems

    So I have two main problems that I need sorted out and I don't exactly know what to do. First off, I open the storage in the Setting app and the phone says that my Phone Storage is Read-Only, and I don't know how to change that, much help is appreciated. Second off, when I open my Gallery App...
  8. B

    Help Battery goes from 50% to dead in literally 2 seconds.

    I've been using my Incredible 4G for about a year now. About 6 months ago, it started to randomly shut itself off for no reason. I did a factory reset, and it had been working fine since then. In the last three weeks, however, it has this obnoxious habit (happens every few days, at least) of...
  9. C

    Help Remove a printer

    I added a printer to my phone, and now I would like to remove it. The only choices I can find are to rename the printer, and change the IP address and/or port. Is there a way to delete a printer?
  10. X

    Help HTC Incredible 4G - Laggy, should I get a refurbished?

    I need a decent phone in time for a trip on Thursday. I recently did a factory reset on my Incredible 4G that I've had since August/September (less than 8 months). It was being laggy, not placing calls, etc. After the reset it has continued to show signs of this. I have extended warranty but all...
  11. drharrison

    Does anybody have a USED verizon micro sim???

    I'm looking to buy a used micro sim for my droid incredible 4g so I can flash it from Verizon to Ntelos. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please and Thank You :)
  12. J

    Help Dre Beats Ear Buds

    I have the beats ear buds from the Rezound I have used with my Inc 4G for some time. Recently when I use them and then unplug them, my phone goes right to speaker when receiving or making a call? Anyone experience this at all?
  13. P

    Help Memory problem

    I have a 16g sd card in my Dinc 2 4g. There seems to be a partition on it though making a HTC storage G: drive with 4gigs and an H: drive with 14 gigs 7 being used and 7 free. Any suggestions on how to make this one 16 gig sd card? And yes I'm also curious how I got 18 gigs on a 16 g card?
  14. today

    New HTC phone anyone?

    Coming up on my upgrade date and maybe a phablet is looking better for my tired old eyes. Htc rumors a new fablet code name M8/ONE2, successor to the One series. I'm interested. "Go big or go home" is my new credo. Anyone else interested? Verizon hopefully will stock this monster. Big red has a...
  15. J

    Software Update

    Anyone know what the software update was my phone ran this AM? Not finding any documentation on what the update included... Never Mind... Just found it.. The update will add support for Isis Mobile Wallet, fix power cycling issues, improve Bluetooth clarity, and include new security patches...
  16. J

    Possible Phone Change

    Was just curious if anyone here that has the Inc 4G has looked at the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? I was looking at it the other day at Verizon and if I put my Inc 4G on top of it, it is pretty much identical in size. I do like the rear cover of the Inc 4G better then the smooth slippery cover of...
  17. J

    Phone getting very warm

    I have had a few different times over the last couple weeks where I will be in a conf room at work where signal strength is hit\miss. My phone will be very warm to the touch and my battery will be just about dead. When I went into the conf room my batter was over 90%.. Hour later the phone is...
  18. M

    Voice Mail password

    When I call VM to listen to VMs, the voice keeps telling me to enter my password. I enter the correct password word and keeps telling my enter the passport or press * if i called the wrong mail box. How do I correct this or reset VM? Thanks
  19. F

    Root Rooting an Inc4g

    I'm going to order an Inc4g off ebay because I don't like where phones are heading in the future and my upgrade contract is not up until February. No removable battery, no removable storage, larger screens, etc. Seems the Inc4g might be the last of the type of phone I like because I can add an...
  20. J

    Wireless n

    Anybody know how to tell if your phone is actually connecting to the wireless n radio? I just got a new router which supports N. My laptops tell me it is connected to the n radio, don't see anything on the phone telling me.
  21. G

    Help Inc 4g on Straight Talk?

    My contract with Verizon is ending in a few months and I am wanting to take my phone to a prepaid provider. I am wanting to go to straight talk. Can this be done? If so how? Also, what are other prepaid providers that will work with this phone?
  22. prairiedogn

    Can the inc4g be used on sprint?

    If so how? What needs to be done?
  23. W

    Help Deleted media storage data

    I was clearing up some data from apps and i accidentally deleted the data from the media storage app. Some of my pictures are gone and so are my ringtones and music. I connected it to the pc and checked the files, and they are still there but won't show up on my phone. I turned it off and back...
  24. B

    Help Insufficient memory

    My internal storage keeps dropping below 150 MB which keeps apps from installing or updating. This time when I cleared cache I only got to 155 MB free. Last time it was 174 MB free. What is eating my memory and how do I find it?
  25. M

    Help Voice Texting Deleting Text before I'm done

    Hi there! I was very impressed with my Droid Incredible 4's ability to recognize quite a bit of voice to text for text messages. Now, for some reason, if I take a quick breath before my next sentence, it deletes the previous text and starts writing new text. I have restarted my phone, but to no...