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htc one max

  1. AustinAHallabrin

    Body replacement

    The front cover of my HTC one max popped off and was lost. I mean to replace it but all the replacement pieces websites are out of stock. I now want to replace the entire housing. For the entire housing pieces I can get them for $60. To put it on and remove the old housing, it requires a bunch...
  2. G

    Help SMS Messages Getting Hung Up

    I have an HTC One Max, and my SMS messages keep getting hung up. When trying to send, I'll get the little clock in the lower right corner of the text window which indicates it's being sent, but hasn't been delivered yet. The clock will remain there for up to 30-40 minutes sometimes, and all...
  3. P

    Root New root going for Lollipop

    Okay, so im confused on a few things. I have the HTC One Max sprint variant. I have S-ON and am experiencing trouble and have worries to take care of. Id appreciate your advice. 1) i have hboot 2.49.0000. the error i get when trying to flash the recovery into memory is that the phone boots into...
  4. NightAngel79

    Htc OneMax OTA

    Just got an Ota, seemed small, definitely not 5.0. I'm 4.4.2, is that what we were already on? Haven't checked to see if this was just a maintenance update.
  5. Scorpion34

    Successor to the HTC One MAX?

    I've had my One Max for over a year now & while I still love my phone, I keep wondering if HTC will come out with a new version of it. I was hoping the One M9 Plus would be it, but the it turns out to be a China only release plus the specs didn't match up. So my question is do you think there...
  6. Outlaw.99

    Help ESN Swapped?

    Picked up an HTC Max to use as tablet.. Started to look into activating with my provider, and I notice the ESN under cover and the one in hardware doesnt match.. Both are clear on Swappa, but Im puzzled.. 1) Hardware one shows VZW HTC One 2) Software one shows ATT Samsung M3 Mini Ideas on...
  7. A

    Help Power button playing up

    Anyone had trouble with the power button on their max, mine is getting worse and needs loads of presses before it finally works and will then work perfectly until the phone is left again for a while. Anyone know how to fix.
  8. C

    Root [Rooted] NEW 4g/3g issues Sprint

    Hi folks, I've had my Sprint HTC One Max for over a year now living in the Flint, Michigan area. Best phone I've ever owned, hands down. Up until last fall, my 4G speeds were pretty good. In fact at home, faster then my Charter WIFI! Then when Spark was being enabled in my area, the 4G...
  9. Skynet11

    Official HTC One Max User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official HTC One Max User Manual - The official HTC One Max User Guide Read more about this resource...
  10. W

    Root HTC ONE MAX Kernel

    Will ElementalX kernel v14.12 for HTC ONE m7 work and enable "Wake Gestures" on HTC ONE MAX t6vzw?
  11. W

    Root Steps on how to root

    Got tired of waiting on Verizon. I am now Rooted and S-Off on my Verizon HTC One Max. Sideloaded the Official RUU Sense 6 update for Verizon HTC One Max. Found only additional bloat is that all keyboard languages are now pre-loaded. Phone response and Blinkfeed is faster and smoother. Added...
  12. W

    Root Is it possible to Root Verizon HTC One Max on OTA 4.4.2???

    I have a Verizon HTC One Max running OTA 4.4.2. Is it possible to unlock the bootloader, S-Off and Root? If so, can someone post a step by step. I have not been able to find a process that works successfully. Tried Rumrunner and firewater with no success. Is there something I may be missing...
  13. A

    Root Boot problem!!

    Hello guys ... I have htc one max ... suddenly today ... I've seen it off ... I tried to turn it on,,, but he always stops on htc logo :\ and when i try to go to recovery,, i can't do any thing like clear or wipe !! or download new Room And gives me this following message : E: can't...
  14. W

    Root Considering rooting: questions.

    I am considering rooting my VZW One Max and loading the NuSenseSIX KitKat 4.4.2 HTC Sense 6.0 ROM for International & Verizon. Two questions: What is best practice for rooting the VZW One Max running stock 4.4.2? Is anyone currently rooted and using this ROM? If so, what do you think of it...
  15. S

    Root Can photos that have been deleted be retrieved?

    Ok. So I stuffed up. Phone is a HTC one Max. I have not done the root conversion!!! I accidently when not thinking started to delete ALL of my camera shot photos. I was quick and able to stop it. Thank god! So I lost a few but not all of them! How can I get them back. Every program I...
  16. S

    Root Htc One Max Rooting issues

    So I am new to the htc line, been on samsung for a while now. Picked up a One Max over the weekend. Rooted it with Weaksauce, everything is fine and dandy I use titanium to remove all of verizon's bloatware. Anyway when I restart the device all the bloatware is back. Am I doing anything...
  17. M

    Help Sense 6/OTA update pushing out now

    See attached screen shots. I am on sprint. Stock and not rooted.
  18. M

    Root Won't update to 4.4.2

    I have HTC One Max, just got it and rooted it. Today I got a notification that there's an update available. I downloaded it and tapped install, the phone restarted and entered recovery mode, after a second it restarts again and goes to home screen and prompts me to install update again, I press...
  19. A

    Help HTC Sync Manager wont read my phone?

    Hey guys, I have an HTC One Max. I downloaded HTC Sync Manager the other day, and it wont read my phone. It opens automatically as soon as I connect my HTC, but if I click home it literally says "No Phone Connected". What can I do to fix this? I have all the latest software, so I know that's...
  20. P

    Help 4.4 Update issues/discussion

    Hi all, My partner and I both have the Max. Software update (4.4.2) pushed OTA to both devices yesterday. One is perfectly fine, the other now has an issue. If you leave the phone 'sitting', the screen will dim. It will lock. But it won't turn the screen off - simply sits dimly lit. The...
  21. quadtronix

    Is the One Max your main tablet?

    Was just wondering who uses their Max as their main tablet as well as phone... Got mine last week and am using it with the iPad air but other than when I'm charging the Max I have found I really don't need a traditional tablet like I used to... Is this your experience too? Just wondering...
  22. bachiach

    Help Bluetooth issues/discussion

    Hey everyone. Apple already told me that this doesn't work but maybe someone knows something they could share. I can pair my phone with my mac but every time I go to click on it, it says connected for about 4 seconds and goes right back to disconnected. I see people on you tube do this but I...
  23. M

    4.4 (KitKat) update status (Sprint/VZW pushing out now)

    HTC Software Updates | HTC United States the one Max is close... ;) EDIT: 3/1/14 Sprint and VZW are at certification level so now its really close for those two carriers.
  24. C

    Help Sound issues

    Hi all, I love my HTC One Max, but I do have one irritating issue. I stream a ton of Netflix at full volume and sometimes the sound goes about 50% louder for around 5 seconds then it drops back down to where it was. This has been happening for a couple of weeks now, and it seems to only...
  25. M

    Root Rooting Possibilities

    Im about to ditch sprint for greener pastures. Im an avid root user. I know this phone was recently released. I have also read that Verizon locks their phones down so we cant root. I see there has been some progress made with the original One. I dont want to lock myself into 2 years of...