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htc vivid

  1. R

    Help Problem with google play

    Hi, i have aproblem with google play as after update for it many apps give me that message " This item isn't available in your country " please help me cause i need to download zynga poker but i cant i searched every where to solve that issue but i didn't find by the way i bough my Htc vivid...
  2. K

    Help Vivid Unlock Code?? None Work...

    I'm trying to help a friend out that has a HTC Vivid that was on AT&T and they want to unlock it to put in their T-Mobile SIM. I tried a couple of the websites i usually use but hours turned into days and they refunded me after complaining. Can anyone get me an unlock code for this phone...
  3. L

    Help My Vivid Has No Service

    Hello, I've recently had a big issue with my Vivid. Yesterday I was texting and calling with it perfectly well, but out of nowhere I lost service and haven't been able to gain even a single bar back. I rebooted it several times, and even did a hard reset, which I was reluctant to do considering...
  4. J

    Help HTC Vivid connectivity issues

    So this is my old phone that I unlocked for my wife to use on Metro PCS (previously on AT&T). It worked flawlessly when I had it, I just upgraded to an S5 and thought I'd upgrade her old phone to something better. It has 4.0.3 installed on it, and I did a factory reset from the settings menu...
  5. C

    need help with buggy htc vivid

    hi guys I'm having problems with my htc vivid. I bought it new from eBay Unlocked but I'm having a lot of bugs. 1- I can't post on instagram. Every time I try to post it freezes at 'loading' the picture. Already rebooted, delete and reinstalled the app I get the same problem. 2- Facebook app...
  6. J

    Help Need help with bootloader

    First let me say that I'm not technical at all. My phone is stuck on the HTC start up screen. I'm about ready to cry since I have a lot of important pictures on the phone. All I care about are the pictures, everything else can be recreated if needed. The battery seems to have bulged as though...
  7. C

    no service with HTC Vivid

    My vivid has been not getting service and can't connect to mobile network. O have only WiFi it has being doing this on and off for 1 week now. Please help. I tried a factory reset. I do not want to go the ATT store.
  8. H

    Root Un-blocking US Apps

    I moved to Holland and brought my HTC Vivid with me. I have spent several days going through this forum and other sites and was finally able to: * Un-lock my bootloader * Root my phone * Install MarketEnabler (apk file) * Install VPN Hideman This was all an attempt to gain access to US...
  9. H

    Root HTC Vivid Rooting for Dummies?

    I have read through several threads on the forum regarding rooting of an HTC Vivid. I tried to go to a link provided in one of the threads to access the HTC Vivid All-In-One Toolkit but found no download link. I have moved from the US to Holland and am tired of not being able to access many...
  10. H

    Help what is androidmoviesclub.apk?

    I have no idea what this is, and when I search my apps, it's nowhere to be found. I'm less than smart phone savvy. But I see it's in every folder everywhere when I use the file explorer app. Should I be worried about this? Is it bad?
  11. B

    Help I replaced my screen, only some of it works!!

    I recently replaced the cracked screen on my sons HTC Vivid, after dis assembly and reassembly I powered the phone up, and the only issue that I am having with the new screen is it isn't really responsive. Meaning when I try to use my finger to move the unlock ring on the screen, the ring will...
  12. D

    html links in emails are dead ?

    Whenever I receive emails on my HTC Vivid any links to the web are not active...I cannot tap them to launch browser...Is there a setting I'm unaware of ? Is this just a security feature of the phone ? If I get a text with a link in it it is active and does launch the browser... I am running...
  13. B

    Help What's wrong with my screen? I don't even know how to describe it.

    I have an HTC Vivid I got back in August last year, and back in February it fell in my dorm's kitchen and the screen shattered. Everything still worked fine, however. Instead of paying $200 for my insurance to replace it, my wonderful boyfriend replaced the screen for me. Everything has been...
  14. P

    Help Problems syncing my HTC Vivid to Google Calendar

    Hi all, I have an HTC Vivid android, and I need help. Instead of manually putting my work schedule for this month into my phone one day at a time, I want to whiz through it by inputting my information on Google Calendar and syncing it to my phone's calendar. I also want to be able to sync from...
  15. NateWW


    Hi everyone, I'm NateWW. I started my love for Android on a Motorola Xoom back in November. I'm selling that very soon to buy a laptop. I also have an AT&T HTC Vivid. Nice to meet you all! -NateWW
  16. J

    Help File Transfer

    Can't Get My HTC To Transfers Files To A iPhone 4S...
  17. R

    (how) can I force 3g, 4g

    I know on my ZTE I can dial *983*3640# and I get a screen of phone info where I can set my preferred network type.... GSM auto, CDMA auto, CDMA, WCDMA, etc.... thus I am able to escape "E" and get "3g".... I am new to the HTC Vivid and have not seen a way to change my preferred network. Am I...
  18. D

    Help HTC Vivid Lockout

    my daughter was messing with my phone while i was in the shower & locked me out of it due to guessing the password incorrectly too many times.. every other time, i could use my gmail account to sign back in, but this time it tells me that my info is incorrect..i have 2 emails i tried, i tried...
  19. I

    Help HTC Raider (Rogers) digitizer problem

    I just finished replacing the digitizer / glass on my HTC Raider (Rogers). Everything works fine when the outside case is off, but when I put it back on the touch screen stops working. It seems to be the result of two little metal tabs at the top. If I push them while the case is off I have the...
  20. N

    Help ATT Vivid unlocked using on T-Mobile.. How to Update?

    Hey Guys, I have a ATT HTC Vivid. I believe it's on 2.3.4 Gingebread. It's unlocked and on T-Mobile. The ATT SOFTWARE UPDATE does not work, it always says server unavailable. I'm using wifi. I also tried taking the t-mobile sim card out, but then the software update would just be greyed out...
  21. J

    Help No sim card error without sim card, no IMEI

    I just got a used AT&T HTC Vivid with what turns out are 2 anomalies that I failed to observe initially. First I tried to put my ST sim card out my AT&T SGS, and get no service. No big shock initially since I have to change the APN info. Couldn't do that cause option is dimmed.Checked further...
  22. D

    Help PLEASE HELP !!! Cant send or receive Pictures via Text GENERIC ERROR

    PLEASE HELP !!! Cant send or receive Pictures via text I always get a GENERIC NETWORK FAILURE message after a few minutes of trying to download/upload,.. this is on both my AT&T HTC VIVID phones, my carrier is Straight Talk,......all else works fine on the phone I can send pics via email, post...
  23. M

    Help Phone and People Disappeared

    And not just from the tray, but from the phone completely. When you go through apps and try phone or dialer it says the programs has been uninstalled. Also, all of the contacts disappeared. This is on my wife's completely stock HTC Vivid. I keep telling her to back everything up and do a...
  24. T

    Help Notification symbol and auto shut down

    I have an HTC Vivid that I like, but not in love with. FOr the last two days I have had a notification symbol that looks like a signal strength (increasing size of vertical bars). When I pull down the notification bar it shows a slider bar with 20% of something. I tried shutting off the...
  25. T

    Help Beep when hanging up

    This started maybe a week ago, but every time I'm on a call and I push the end button my phone beeps. Anyone know what that is and how to stop it?