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huawei ascend g300

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    Setting for MyMail App?

    Hello, I am currently using MyMail as a mail client app with my Huawei Ascend phone. I would like to make MyMail to delete automatically all mails I have sent. Does anybody know where I can finde the settings in which I can configurate MyMail not to save all mails? Thanks Tina
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    Major Problem with Huawei Ascend G300

    I bought my Huawei Ascend G300 in August 2014, and was running perfectly until I noticed that I couldn't draw (Snapchat) on some parts on my screen. Only a line underneath halfway was unresponsive. So I left it and it got worse, now my phone can't even unlock, only sometimes which is a few days...
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    Facebook video wont play(unknown error)

    When i try to play video clips on Facebook they wont play but funny enough when i am rolling the facebook pages and come to a clip it seems to be playing without sound i have'nt done anything but if i click to play i get the error message. All other video clips play fine on whatsapp bbc etc. All...
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    Root Problem accessing fastboot on G300

    After having tried - and failed - to flash a custom recovery to my rooted device I was left with a signature failure which I eventually recovered from by successfully flashing the stock rom downloaded from Huawei. I decided to re-root using superrecovery. However although I have all the...
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    Help Huawei ascen g 300 factory reset Failure & signature verification failures

    Helli all, I had rooted my Huawei Ascend G 300, and installed Some uninstallation software. Afther that I began deleting software and Apps I started (bit paranoid) deleting Some kernel applications that were essential tor booting my device . What I discovered achter THE next reboot. So...
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    Help Get the message 'The ... has stopped' everywhere!

    Hi guys, this is my first message here, it looks like only an expert could help me out here. :D My phone shows in most applications the message 'Unfortunately, the... has stopped'. This happened before but I reset it to its defaults. Many times this worked but this time things got worse and I...
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    Help Strange issues G300

    Hi, I have got three very strange problems. I have got Huawei Ascend G300, and my carrier is O2. (Slovakia) So, the issues: 1.) This is happening frequently. When I'm trying to call someone, the phone just doesn't response. I keep trying, I hit the 'call' button in the contacts or in the...
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    ntework problem

    my mobile working on vodafone sims only,when I put other network sim it won't working but it showing full signal strength but I cannot make call,msg,or anything... plz anyone can help me ....thanks in advance....
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    Root -

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    Root Signature Verify fail

    Hi I have a Huawei g300 and I have rooted it (bootloader was unlocked officially, using code from Huawei) and successfully installed this rom gb-b895-slim-v7-multibaseband. I was very pleased with it but today all of a sudden after restarting my phone shows following:
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    Root Gapps error

    i installed CM-11 kitkat and the coresponding Gapps package gapps-kk-20140105-signed. but get the error Google play services has stopped working, i went into settings.....apps...selected google play services and cleared the cache and uninstlled the updates (as suggested after googling) but...
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    Root Huawei G300+ Bootloader unlock

    I have the above phone, its been rooted (has the superuser icon) and is network unlocked, i wish to try Jellybean or kitkat on it, currently runs ICS. I have the official unlock bootloader code from Huawei, but im buggered if i can find out how to actually unlock it, I thought there was...
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    Root Status 7?

    Hi Phandroid users (first post so please be kind), I bought a second hand Huaewi G300 on ebay and I think the previous owner rooted it to its current state of B892. I am unable to install the B895 over the air update and thus not able to get subsequent offical updates to ICS...
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    Restoring Backup.zip??

    1. Huawei Ascend G300 > had to factory reset > Privacy > Factory Reset > systems asked if wanted to backup data > said yes > it created a Backup.zip file > i can see it on my SD card. 2. Did a factory reset .. all fine! 3. HOW do i RESTORE the Backup.zip file the system created PRIOR to...
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    Help The firmware help ?

    Hello , im new here and i have read a lot on this forum, but i couldnt find the solution to my kinda specific questions. I was on modaco but couldnt find answer there too. So here these are my questions and explanations , if u can please help. I had stock + rom ics from modako but it was kinda...
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    Root Changing Roms help please

    Hello, I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if I've posted this question in the wrong forum. I have an Huawei Ascend G300 phone with the latest version of ICS. I rooted the phone tried to install clockwork mod and Jellybean unsuccessfully and managed to get me phone into a loop where it...
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    Root Restoring a rooted G300 to factory

    I am replacing my G300 shortly and wish to put it back to factory spec. Since I've owned it I've.... updated to ICS rooted following this How to root the Huawei G300 installed AntTek and frozen the bloatware etc. So,what's the procedure for reversing ? Unfreeze the apps unroot ...how...
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    i have huawei ascend g300 model u8815 mobile, i recently updated 4.0.3 OS in authorized service center,from that day to till now i loosing 1.50 from my main balance,i asked this details from my network operator,they told your handset sending automatic sms to the number is 9971234537 how can i...
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    Phone switches on but screen is blank

    Hi, I have a Huawei Ascend G300, bought 13 month ago. When I turn it on, all I get is a blank black screen. I know it has powered on because the lights on the buttons come on and it vibrates. It also responds to my login code and I can access it via usb, but the screen is blank. Anyone...
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    Help 300 can't see SD card

    So my phone has been using the SC card fine for months then suddenly it can't see it. When I connect, the PC sees it fine. Well I decided to reroot etc as the phone has been very slow and crashes more than it should but how do I save my contacts etc as when I try it tells me no SD card to back...
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    Help Huawei Ascend G312 (Mytouch 4G) Soft Bricked

    Hi, about a week ago i was playing with an app called ROM Toolbox and I was trying to change my status bar data in/out symbol and I got a whole lot of force closes and then I decided to restart to phone... So now i'm soft bricked at the Android 4G T-Mobile logo and I can go into Download Mode...
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    Help Backing up G300 without access to USB Debugging?

    Any way to do it? The touch screen is broke so I can't access it.
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    Help Memory problem

    Even though I install or move as many apps as possible to sd card. When I try to update an app on sd card it says insufficient space even though I have ten gigs free. I'm struggling to know what to remove on internal and some apps are unmovable please help
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    Help G300 bust again, what to do?

    It looks like yet another G300 has gone bust to me. This one was probably due to water damage. I gave it in for repairs, the screen is working now but the digitiser is apparently bust. He says one of the pins on the board is gone and that's beyond his level of repair, and it could cost upwards of
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    Help Browser keeps crashing

    I have android 4.0.3. I am rooted My browser often resets back to my main screen even when I haven't clicked anything and I'm just reading an article. I have started using a different browser with no problems so far (photon) but my phone sometimes crashes apps or totally locks up and have to...