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lg optimus 3d

  1. Zi Feng tan

    Help Need help

    I recently rooted my phone.Then I deleted some random stuff.Closed my phones.Try to open again.But it shows a voice.Cant't enter password and the voice is broken.Any ideas on how to fix
  2. T

    Help cm12.1 lg 3d

    Hi, are any rom devs keen to get cm12.1 ported to the p920? And have 3d support? Porting has been done to other phones but not the p920. Im running unofficial cm12.1 on my l70 but would love to see it on a p920, it would be popular. Thanks!
  3. Spidreant

    Root Please Help im stuck cant boot!

    im gonna try give as much detail as possible, well it started as just wanting to root my phone which was successful but the problem is when i decided to delete some bloatware on my phone but i didnt do it carefully and i deleted alot of important apps, basically my phone doesnt run very good...
  4. VerticalSlide

    Help Please Help! LG P920 (LG 3D) Turn on for 1 sec then shuts down. READ

    Please help!!! I have a LG phone and its rooted and I tried to install ClockworkMod using a program on my PC. It said it worked and my phone rebooted. I didnt know how to get into recovery mode so I got an app on the Play Store that puts it into recovery. I press "put into recovery" and phone...
  5. T

    Help Rooting LG-P990HN Using SuperOneClick

    Hi guys, Im using SuperOneClick 2.3.3 and im stuck on shell rooting device step #7... Does anyone know what im doing wrong and help me? Thanks ~TRPKF
  6. E

    LG3D - Root to 4.0.4 or buy a new phone?

    Found a link to root my LG3D. Reasons I am considering it now : - its old and out of warranty - there is a serious amount of lag (even after a factory reset) on the screen response (mainly when typing - but general display when returning from other apps) Its for version 4.0.4... no idea if...
  7. K

    Root cwm menu prob

    hi i m using lg p725i installed cwm recovery v5.0.2.8. i installed a rom..before that i backed up my old rom...and i restored the backup ..i went to settings-privacy-and pressed factory data reset button ,it asked me to everything ,i pressed it.....my mobile shut down..and while starting it came...
  8. V

    lg 3d how to intall kit kat

    i have read many posts in this forum but no one will give me a good software for my LG Optimus 3D (P920). i have an LG 3D and i love that phone id beautiful and got a great screen, in terms of power is actually powerful enough but the official software is too old and is making the phone to...
  9. S

    Help LG Optimus 3D continuously shuts off during activity of any app or program.

    It seems to be as if my Optimus is gaining charge and running/idling fine, until you begin to mess around on it, a random power off occurs. I have thought about and looked up some diagnostics for this issue, and have currently come up with the following: RAM issue - Too many programs running...
  10. A

    android death screen--soo stuck

    hi guys, im not sure if its through tiredness or fustrartion but ive tries crious methods to flash my phone, on some instances the omap drivers wont install or connect so i crnt continue, now ive ended up with android guy lying down with a red triange i crnt boot to recovery or anything, i was...
  11. A

    Root Lg p920

    My lg fon power buttom has stoped working...please helpe....i am geting frustrated
  12. A

    PLZ HELP!!! lg o3d wont charge

    i just got a lg o3d and it wont hold a charge its wont go pass 5 % i have a older lg o2 and the battery's are the same so i switched them to see if it would work but noting i put both batters in my lg o2 and there full 90+ % battery life and work fine doesn't die off but work normally but when i...
  13. R

    Root Lg optimus 3d root/update

    Hey guys, I'm new here just because of some problems I have. First I tried to update my lg optimus 3d android version from 2.2.2 to 2.3.X, but my phone itselves says that he has te latest android version. Also by pc didn't work because he said that I first must be connected with internet...
  14. H

    Help LG Optimus 3D - Problem needs help!

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I've joined because I have run into a big problem. My little brother locked by phone like an ass, and now its saying I have to sign-in with my gmail account to sign-in. I have no idea that a g-mail account was even associated with the phone when I bought it online...
  15. E

    Help ICS update...

    ...Anyone else done it? (UK) Seemed sluggish after the update although very smart. Liking the look and feel (accepting the sluggishness). Minor changes in things and the lock screen with starting apps is a nice touch. Missing the task manager though (disappeared from my list of...
  16. J

    Help Deleted Dialer with Root

    I was using a root from SuperOneClick for my LG su760 2.2.2, and I deleted some bloatware. However, I somehow deleted a dialer app so I keep getting a message: Sorry! com.android.dialer has crashed Force Close And it keeps popping up. I can't get any service now, so I tried a factory reset...
  17. I

    Help wifi connects but wont allow internet access

    hello newbie here. i have a year and half old unrooted optimus 3d. I am on susspended cell service for 3 weeks. wifi was working. it just stopped one day. it reads as connected but it wont allow any internet access. only at a store i got access after agreeing to their little licensing blurb on...
  18. I

    Help wifi help please my optimus3d

    ok i have an unrooted year and half old optimus 3d. model 925g. my cell service was susspended 3 weeks ago. Ive been using wifi the whole time to e-mail facebook etc. yesterday the wifi just stopped working. it reads as fully connected but i cant access anything on internet. I tried soft reboot...
  19. M

    What do you think about future of 3D phones?

    I'm writing an article about future of 3D phones for my 3D phones website. It would be nice if you can tell me what do you think about future of 3D phones? Do you see any future for 3D phones? If yes what do you see? If not, why not? I appreciate all of your input
  20. T

    Help Looking to root my phone but not having any luck

    So i have been trying to root my phone for a while to no avail. I read somewhere on this site that if you updated to gingerbread you cant root the phone. is this true? is there anyway to un-update it?
  21. B

    Help Application is not installed on your phone.

    A few weeks ago I installed App 2 SD on my LG P920 3D optimus to move some apps to SD. All apps moved to SD worked fine for a while. Now all apps with an SD icon on them don't work anymore. When I touch their icons they all say "application is not installed on your phone". All can not uninstall...
  22. K

    Help help

    Hi, I am new to the optimus and in the uk, it is running 2.2.2 there are not many 3D games/apps, when i goggled it said something about the lg 3D game converter coming in a update, but mine says its running the current version wjen i try to update. Any ideas? Thanks
  23. F

    Help external sd storage issues

    New to this site. I have an lg optimus 3d. Not sure this is right area?? Here goes. I have like 500 songs and 200 pics on phone. Now its comming up my memory us full. So i delete some songs and pics when this happens. Had phone about a year. So i bought a 16 gb sd external. Installed it and...
  24. S

    Help Problem viewing 3D YouTube videos

    I don't know whether i am in correct section or not!!! I need urgent help!! When I try to watch 3d videos by using the 3d youtube video app which is in the 3d space!! it just shows videos like watching from a normal lap or phone with two separate picture visible not as a 3d!!! can any one tell...
  25. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Optimus 3D? You can contact us through...