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lg optimus f7

  1. S

    Help Errors

    I tried rooting my phone. Needles to say it was a fail. I ultimately undid all the changes I made and factory reset my phone. Now, nothing works. Items such as dial pad will freeze up. Wifi will not connect. Service is unavailable. The time stamp is wrong. No incoming or out going calls work...
  2. S

    Help Updating KitKat

    I was hoping to get the Pokemon Go app. My current Android version is 4.1.2. I have tried to check for updates but nothing happens. No messages or popups: Just sits there. How can I upgrade to version 4.4 for PG
  3. K

    Stuck in boot loop, safe mode not working!

    My LG Optimus F7 is stuck in boot loop, meaning it just shows the LG logo and carrier introduction over and over but never gets to the home screen. I tried the safe mode button combo (power key to turn on, then hold volume down button when LG logo appears), but that doesn't work for some reason...
  4. LG870 Boot Loop

    Help How to Repair LG870 Boot Loop Using Apple MacMini or Samsung Chromebook Laptop?

    My phone is stuck in a "Boot Loop" and all I see is the Boost Mobile animation and 4GLTE logo in a continuous loop. My only recall of what I was doing before this happened is I was making a backup of my photos and videos to an external hard drive connected to my MacMini (I backup often so I have...
  5. mydian

    Replacement battery?

    Anyone know a good replacement battery? My wife has this phone and it's battery is a couple years old now and really sucks. I've looked around on Amazon but the reviews on the batteries for this phone are generally pretty poor. Lots of reports of getting used or bad batteries there. Thanks.
  6. T

    Help Headphone jack stopped working mid-use. Will no longer function

    Help. I was riding my bike listening to music on headphones and all of a sudden my phone just shut off. I turned it back on and the music played through the speakers even though the headphones were plugged into the audio jack just like they were when it shut off. I've tried three different...
  7. D

    Root Help Request - Bluetooth Stuck On "Turning Bluetooth On" Even Though I Didn't Try To Turn It On

    Hello all, Just as the title says, an issue just started today where bluetooth activated itself? and has been stuck on "Turning Bluetooth On" all day. I tried clearing data in Bluetooth apps & wiping cache & dalvik cache to no avail. Someone please tell me they have a fix for this without...
  8. B

    Help LG Optimus F7 Home Screen Black

    I was playing Candy crush soda, the app crashed and now my home screen is not working, it is just black. I have deleted the app, tried restarting the phone, took the battery out, nothing is helping!!! Please help?!
  9. B

    Help deleted voicemail apk.any help

    How do I fix it ?
  10. jfuginay

    Android 4.4?

    I've ditched this phone for a while because I bought the LG Volt. Turns out my phone has a faulty GPS unit so I'm going back to the Optimus f7 until I can afford another phone or I somehow get my volt replaced (it is way past warranty). But on to the topic at hand.. android 4.1 sucks...
  11. R

    Root Cant make CWM backup. Problem backing up /data image?

    Im trying to make a backup. Im using simplicity rom with most recent kernel. But i get most of the way thru a backup and get an error saying could not copy /data image. Any fix for this besides reformatting the sdcard?
  12. D

    Root SOLVED: F7 soft bricked - can't mount /data

    Ok first, thanks to all in advance. I only got this phone less than a year ago and rooting it was painless. Currently I am stuck in recovery only bootloop. Have tried the Unbrick/Unroot method 12 times now, on all usb ports. I CAN flash the recovery zips and switch between CWM and Philz...
  13. creed10

    what type of screen does this phone have?

    from the research I've done, I've concluded that the F7 has an xHDPI screen. however, the moto g also has an xHDPI screen, but the colors just aren't as good as the F7. I did a side by side comparison, and the different colors look so much deeper and fuller on the F7. so my question is, what is...
  14. B

    Root i deleted my media storage app by accident how do i get it back?

    How can i get my media storage app. Back because now i cant download anything from google play store, it says process media storage has stopped...
  15. J

    Root How to Tether again.

    Here is how you tether. After trial and error this is finally what mikewmills and I used to do before this phone had any custom anything. Just root. Download the app from below or here is a direct link...
  16. J

    Root Complete Factory Re-Flash (Brick,Return,Un-Root,Stock)

    I am writing a complete guide on unbricking or complete restoring your LG optimus F7 Us870 back to stock Zv4. You will need to download the items below. LG Zv4 Firmware: www.oudhitsquad.com/ad/LGE/Firmware/LG870/LG870ZV4_06.zip Download...
  17. B

    Help Can tethering work on an F7?

    i'm rooted with simplicity rom. seems tethering is the only thing I can not get to work. any advice?
  18. B

    Root flash then no voicemail

    Can be removed
  19. H

    enable factory apps

    I disabled some factory installed apps now i cant enable them my phone is not working how it used to.
  20. I

    Root help a lg f7 to another

    Can someone help me to unbrick my phone I need some one to flash the unbrick zip (I'll but it down in the link) but I need a lg f7 to flash it and it should be in your SD card under unbrick files just get the img. And send it to me pleaseeeee you'll be saving me a lot of money...
  21. hobodozer

    Help USB OTG enable

    I'm trying to get OTG working on my zv9 F7 from textnow any assistance would be appreciated
  22. R

    Root It's a shame.... that F7 died so quick dev wise..

    I looked up possible replacement phones today and to be honest i didn't see anything worth spending an extra $100+ for. Shout out to "Chev" for workin up a badass Rom and Kernel for this phone but it's sad that we died so fast. This phone is still throwing its weight around verses for instance...
  23. R

    Root Need a Stock&Rooted CWM backup.zip for Boost

    Deleted my only Close to stock Boost F7 Rom. Do one of you guys/gals have a CWM backup zip uploaded somewhere i can download and flash back to stock/rooted if needed? I deeply regret deleting my original backup like a dumbass. Can somebody hook me up?
  24. C

    Help Color Emojis

    Can you get color emojis on the LG Optimus F7 if you root it? If so how?
  25. R

    Root Accidentally deleted stock backup in cwm

    In the process of cleaning my SD card I deleted the stock rooted backup I made when I rooted the phone. Is it possible to locate another stock Boost version backup zip for this phone and just flash it if needed to revert to the stock rooted Rom? If so does anyone have a link? I found the ZV5...