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lg optimus slider

  1. N

    No Available Device Administrators

    Location and Security > Select Device Administrators > No Available Device Administrators 2.3.4 Hi folks, this is my first cell-phone so pls be gentle! ;D My sister gave me her old LG Optimus Slider (VM701). I tried to change phone companies (mistake) & had to do a hard reset bec phone...
  2. Dawn Dabinett

    Root Optimus Slider won't boot black screen after logo....

    I have a LG Optimus Slider VM701 rooted it a while back and then ran something and now it boots to the LG logo and then screen goes black so basically won't boot up. The recovery on it is CWM v5.0.2.7 and says "E:Bad boot message "recovery "". I just abandon ship and started using my other...
  3. Dawn Dabinett

    Optimus Slider won't boot black screen after logo....

    I think I did it again trying to find the right place to post my question. READ THIS FIRST got it now just started using the forum yesterday but I will figure it out......:oops:
  4. Dawn Dabinett

    Help Black Screen how to fix it?

    Sorry I think I posted by problem in the wrong section will head over to the rooting section......:oops:
  5. V

    Help LGL55C (Optimus Q - Rooted) No Play Services/Store after Reset

    Was trying to get my device to force-install apps to SD, and somewhere along the line I decided to do a factory reset (phone was slow to respond and would occasionally ignore a prompt - attempting to open an app/file via touch screen, interacting with the touch screen and would be slow to return...
  6. L

    Root What partitions can I erase?

    Just rooted and installed CWM. I see a lot of warnings on not factory resetting. Is this an issue with how the recovery factory resets? or is it the data being erased? Can I manually format the data partition? What about other partitions? If not what is the best method for removing old data...
  7. DaveM6

    Root Rooting without a PC

    I forgot how the heck I rooted this slider without a pc, was it an app? Help someone, no pc access.
  8. daffyducknj

    Help Phone got into some overheating due to condensation

    I'm posting this for my dad. His Slider got into some overheating and condensation issues. Apparently he had it too long inside his thin jacket, in a shirt pocket located above his left side. He was trying to use it while on the bus, and there was a message saying that the phone had overheated...
  9. cherrypop44

    Help Please Help Can't receive calls.

    I had this phone about 10 months now with no problems. But now my incoming calls will not connect. I can call out with no problem, and every thing else works fine net, IM, text, out bound calls ect..... But If someone calls me it will go streight to voice mail, or they will hear it ring multi...
  10. S

    Help Activating used phone virgin mobile

    The wife wanted to give her old phone to her sister so I flashed a stock rom. Virgin mobile had her reset thru privacy and sent into recovery loop. I've now fixed that but how do I activate as a new customer?
  11. D

    Root System ROM and internal storage

    After rooting my slider and installing titanium pro is there anything that needs to be deleted from the system rom that would free up space? I have moved all moveable apps to sd card and have frozen the bloat ware and the system storage almost full after updating apps while the sd card almost...
  12. D

    Help camera button not selecting reboot when pressed

    Rooted slider and went into recovery per instructions. navigated with volume keys and went to reboot system now but camera button not selecting any options. any suggestions?
  13. M

    Help Cannot move apps to SD card (prevented by OS)

    Model : LG VM701 (Optimus Slider / Virgin Mobile) Android : 2.3.4 Things I've tried app2SD or some variants : This doesn't give me any more options than what the settings gives me. I tried using adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2 and this failed (killed) I tried using LG's mobile support...
  14. D

    Root open phone sugery

    Hi i just got my optimus slider and its great except for the memory ugh i cant stand such little internal memory so i was wondering i have this lg optimus elite and it has the catalac of internal phone memory its like 4 gigs total but the screens severly broken anyway would it be possible to...
  15. J

    Slider won't charge?

    Lately when I plug the charger into my lg optimus slider it does not charge. The only thing that happens is the charger itself, that is plugged into the outlet, will start beeping. Is there any way I can fix this and be able to charge my phone again?
  16. S

    Root Need help with WiFi Tethering

    I am using a LG Optimus Slider, Gelato ROM, Gingerkernel, rooted for Virgin Mobile. I have been using an app called Barnacle WiFi Tether for sharing my 3G connection, however, I recently got a 3DS and it isn't working. I have looked up why this is, and to my knowledge, it is because Barnacle...
  17. joubliette

    LG Optimus Stuck in Boot Loop- Can Photos Be Saved?

    I have an LG Optimus Slider (Virgin Mobile is my provider), and I installed a new app today that is still in beta. I started getting all sorts of "low on space" messages, and my phone shut off a few times. The last time, when I turned it back on it was stuck in a boot loop. The only way to get...
  18. K

    Help Slider isn't working like it used to

    Hi everybody. My slider has seen hard use for the last 2 years and seems to be slow and buggy now. Is there a way to restore it to its former glory? On a PC I would just format and reinstall windows, but on a phone I'm not so sure. My phone is completely stock. Is a factory reset the answer? Thanks.
  19. C

    LG Optimus Slider Kernel that will work with RAMExpander and possibly overclock

    So my Galaxy S2 died and now im back to using my LG Optimus Slider and i was wondering if anyone knows of a kernel that allows for use with RAMExpander and/or overclocking.
  20. D

    Root How to erase all data from locked LG Optimus 75C?

    I bought a used LG Optimus 75C phone from a liquidation house.( It looks just like a Optimus Slider) It has a password lock on it. I just want to erase all of the data and apps from the phone to use it as a android device. Anyone know how to do this easily? Steve
  21. M

    Help Phone stuck in loop, won't reset.

    Hi, I don't have the Optimus Slider, but it's the closest phone I could find a forum for. I have the Android Optimus Q from Straight Talk, and last night, while on the browser, it randomly closed it and said that it must close, and to force it closed, because it had stopped working. Then, it...
  22. IceColdGlacier

    Spb shell for free

    Yandex.Shell (free) Your welcome
  23. dtalley11

    Root [Team Gelato][Recovery][TWRP][Slider/Q]Team Win recovery!

    Team Gelato Presents: Unofficial TWRP! (original post is here) We also used qnhoang81 and rhg135's new device tree, which fixed adb and reboot functions!) The recovery has basically a port of TWRP2.4.4.0 with the following not working: Flashing most .zips in their current...
  24. dtalley11

    Root [Team Gelato][Recovery][COT 2.1][Slider/Q]Cannibal Open Touch Recovery!

    Team Gelato Presents: Unofficial Cannibal Open Touch 2.1! (original post is here) The recovery has basically a port of COT 2.1 with the following not working: ADB on the Optimus Q doesn't work Mount SD card doesn't work on the optimus q How to install(with installer zip)...
  25. H

    Help rooted vm701

    like a dummy that knows better and did it anyways I reset to factory in settings on the phone instead of going to cwm recovery, now even after restoring in cwm it wont let me gointo any rom, it just reboots back to cwm recovery, is there anything I can do, I did backup before but does the same...