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lg optimus t

  1. K

    Root partitioning internal memory of lg p509 to download whatsapp pics

    my sd card storage seat is broken making it impossible to see and download whatsapp pics. i would be very grateful if u help me solve this pls,counting on u
  2. Kat the Dawg

    Help LG P-509 troubleshooting

    My phone suddenly started sending all calls to voice mail, and I also get no notification for texts. What is up, and how do I fix it?
  3. L

    I need some sounds.

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has the T-Mobile startup and shutdown sounds. The ones I'm looking for is the ones around the Galaxy S2.
  4. D

    lg optimus p509 wont turn on

    so i have an lg optimus p509 rooted and the power button is broken so it died and now i cant turn the thing on if i plug it in all i get is the charging screen and it wont actually boot any suggestions?:(
  5. J

    Root Cm 7.2 LG P509 Speaker volume issue

    I have a LG P509 (T-Mobile US Version). It was running LG latest version - V10S , Android 2.2.2. All was working fine. Speaker phone and FM radio over speaker were working normally. Few days ago, I installed cm-7.2.0-p500 on it. I flashed old baseband also. PHone is smooth , getting wifi/GSM...
  6. T

    Optimus T status 7 error when I try to flash roms

    So a little while ago I flashed cm 11 for LG P500 onto my LG P509. After that I wasn't able to flash anything P509 and only things for P500. Then I got my stock rom back by using KDZ. Now I can't flash rom for the P509. Hopefully somebody can help me. I got CWM and tried to flash CM 10.2...
  7. patcal

    Play Store updates

    I gave my Optimus T to a friend when I got my S3. I left some of my apps on it for her. The problem is when I go to play store to check for updates, non of the apps show up. I know there are updates as I received them on my S3. The only thing I can think of is that when I setup her gmail...
  8. J

    Bricked Phone Need Firmware or Something Else

    Hi, I have an Optimus T P509 black. Somehow it got bricked. I found it on the LG site and installed the upgrade tool and drivers. It finds my phone through USB but the upgrade fails. Why does it fail? I have Clockwork Recovery installed. If I hit the power button normally, a black screen...
  9. C

    No More Wi_Fi...Help!

    I rooted my phone then deleted most of my apps and some files. I did a hard reset. Now I can no longer access Wi-Fi. Tried using LG's Support Tool to reset my phone but it did not work. I don't have a good backup to restore from. Does any one have a good idea of how I can restore Wi-Fi to...
  10. O

    Root Lg lucid vs840zv8

    I have a lucid without service I finally got it rooted. But now I can't find any way to get the device to put anything on my micro sd card,when I go in the settings it shows it but when I go to the apps all it shows is the phone,the phones internal memory I have tried a few things even putting...
  11. C

    Root [HELP!!!] Phone cannot use network! LG Optimus T

    So a while back, my dad put me on his T-Mobile plan, and got me an LG Optimus T (P509). He said I could root it and do anything I wanted to do with it, even though I told him it would void the warranty. So I took the recommended steps to root my phone, and install some ROMs. I used the ROM...
  12. Y

    Help can't start lg p509

    hi . i have lg p509 mobile but when i start my phone i am showing only starting lg logo .what can i do now ? i am trying reset but nothing . it like totally hang ,i press key but nothing . i only show starting logo . and when i am connect my pc it was same problem . plz guyzzn . :(
  13. P

    Root Close but no cigar

    Hi, having some problems with lg p 509. Am still awake at an ungodly hour trying to resolve issues. I ran gingerbreak, have superuser installed, following instructions on xda website under how to root. I'm pretty sure I'm in adb shell, but when i type adb shell su, or adb shell sudo su in...
  14. S

    Low phone storage error message when downloading apps LG Optimus T

    My mother has been having an issue with her LG Optimus T where if you try to download any app it fails to install and displays an error message that "Internal phone storage is getting low" I checked her phone storage levels and she had 50 MB available in her internal phone storage, and 1.03 GB...
  15. S

    Root Rooted phone fine for months, now FCs whenever Superuser runs

    After reading every post and page that could possibly help me, I have been driven to ask for help. I have the P509/Optimus T through t-mobile (obv.) with Froyo/Gingerbread? 2.2.2 (Extra details: kernal : build # FRG83G : software V10s). I have been rooted for at least 6 months now with...
  16. S

    Help Bricked p509-T

    So I've done plenty of research, and tried many things. Nothing Works. I'm running win 7 32bit. Phone on emergency mode. Modem Disabled. KDZ Updater set to 3GQCT and DIAG (tried all 3 modes). Using V10S_00 (only kdz I could get using imei search) This is my log: [code] [R&D Test Tools Log...
  17. J

    Root Need help with bricked phone? or need a custom rom? or just need advice click here!!!

    Hello my name is Julian I am 12 years old (strange how I know this) but I know how to install custom roms and fixed bricked phones trust me I do I got cyangonmod 7 on lg optimus t! Just post what you need like if you have a bricked phone (in order for me to help you I need to know what phone you...
  18. J


    I just bought a T-Mobile Optimus T on Ebay and I want to use it for international travel. I don't have a T-Mobile account so of course T-Mobile won't give me the unlock code. I found some web sites that will give me the unlock code for $7-10. But, I'm wondering if I root it and flash a new...
  19. C

    Root valid gingerbreak for 2.2.2 ? guide?

    friends I'm trying to use gingerbreak to root 2.2.2 p509 - so far nothing. I have two downloaded zips, but neither has any real instructions. :confused: so I'm flying blind. supposedly [according to one of many threads I've read] one should be able to simply install from file manager. that...
  20. S

    Root I need stock rom LGP509 T-mobile??

    Hello all I need stock rom LGP509 T-mobile?? thank advance
  21. dangermouse353

    Help Auto rotate problem.. OptimusT

    I can't get the auto rotate to work, using CM 7.2 on my phone. Has anyone else had this problem? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  22. dangermouse353

    SD card partition for Optimus T P509?

    Is there any way possible to partition an SD card with this phone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. A

    Root Bare necessities after rooting.

    I'm a bit new to the rooting scene, so please forgive any naive questions. I have an LG Optimus T P509, I used Gingerbreak, Superuser and ROM Manager Premium w/ClockworkMod Recovery V5.0.2.0 to root it. What are the bare necessities I need to keep this phone running? As in, what system apps...
  24. A

    Help PLEASE HELP! Phone Won't Turn On After Battery Died

    My phone's battery just died. It made the power off sound, but when I looked at the screen, it was still on the home screen. I took out the battery and tried turning it back on. Now when I put the battery in, and hit the power button, no matter if the phone is plugged in or not, the LG logo...
  25. R

    Root Overclocking kernel?

    I'm looking for a good overclock kernel for the stock ROM. I'm really not sure that I want to flash a new ROM at this time. I'm currently on Froyo 2.2.2 Thanks in advance for any suggestions!