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lg revolution

  1. E

    Revolution running super slow.

    Hi, I just recently switched from HTC to LG and got the Revolution. I installed everything I had on the HTC on the Revo, including Go Launcher Ex. The HTC ran everything fine, but the Revo doesn't. It runs slow and laggy. It is also slow at receiving calls. My fiancee thinks it might be Go...
  2. C

    Help Phone slow to ring

    My wife has a Revolution by LG Verizon phone. Recently, we have noticed that it doesn't ring until about halfway through the connection. First we hear a "Verizon greeting," then it vibrates, and finally it rings about three times. Since she often has the phone in the other room, she doesn't hear...
  3. D

    lg revolution (vs910) won't turn on

    I have a lg revolution verizon and the phone from a moment to another turned off permanently. I have tried to make a factory reset,but nothing!! I have tried to put on safe mode,nothing!! The screen is black,the lights don't turn,don't boot! Only batery charge!! Whats or where is...
  4. greg schmeg

    Root is there a way to root this phone flashing a custom recovery thru Odin?

    Hey everyone. I have a Samsung galaxy s2 with boost and use this site often for it. Well my brothers iPhone took a crap so he's using his old revolution again. I told him I'd find out how to root it and upgrade ROMs. I briefly looked at the root guide and I'm totally lost. Is there no way...
  5. B

    Help Hi

    Hi just come back to the uk from the stats I lost my wife who brought me lg revolution ive been told that I could have it converted from cdma to gsm could some one if they now Got me some info how to do it plz becouse I love the phone...thanks
  6. M

    Where can I get a Qi wireless charging cover?

    I need a qi wireless charging cover for extended battery. This is for wcp-700 charging pad.
  7. J

    Help Moving Pictures / Photos between Folders

    I pulled the MicroSD card out of my camera and put it in my PC and arranged the pictures into different folders just the way I want them ... but when I put the card back in the phone, none of the photos have moved from the "old" folders. How can I manage folders / photos for my pictures? My...
  8. D

    Root Help rooting lg revo with some problems

    My bros lg has some kind of connection problem with the computer It connects then the phone repeatedly go back to the screen of charging ,mass usb storage ,internet . And the rooting tools can't find the phone though I installed the drivers. Is there any way to root it without a...
  9. K

    Root System wont restore....

    hey i have been looking for ways i can fix my lg revo close to 3 weeks. Every time i try and restore the system and data files it fails. Then once i power the phone off it will boot up to the boot screen and then go black...I am starting to think the system/data files have gotten corrupted. Can...
  10. K

    Help Lg Revolution stuck in recovery

    My Revo is stuck in recovery!!!! help please
  11. D

    Root Android OS On LG

    Does anyone know who makes Android OS. I know Microsoft makes windows, which is sold on Dells, Gateways, and HP etc. I have been in an on going battle with Verizon and LG of who makes the operating system for my phone. Verizon says LG is responsible and LG says its Verizon's responsibility...
  12. E

    Help Lg Revolution not make notifcation sound when recieving text.

    I have a LG revolution. It stopped making a sound when receiving text. Not sure what I may have done to cause this. I amd hoping someone can help me with this.
  13. X

    Root unrooting help

    trying to unroot to stock, i got the phone from my brother. it has super user on it. i tried using root explorer to delete the su file as described in one tutorial. couldnt find the su file in the bin folder so i couldnt go tothe next step. tried super one click, either always "waiting for...
  14. G

    Root Rooted LG Revo running wifi tether

    Hello all, I have a rooted LG Revolution running the Broken Out Rom. I am also running WiFi Tether and it connects great with my laptop and ipod touch. When I try to tether my Motorola Xoom, the android tether from my phone does not even show up. I try to rescan but no success. I even tried to...
  15. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Revolution? You can contact us through...
  16. h4x0rj3ff

    Root poweroff.apk

    can someone please upload the poweroff.apk from the revo? its in system/app
  17. B

    Help Home buttons not working after digitizer replacement

    After replacing the digitizer on my LG Revolution, I noticed that the broken digitizer I removed from the phone had a connector for the home buttons and the new one did not. I installed the new one and the buttons did not work. So I took it apart again, but I cannot figure out how to remove the...
  18. F

    Help Book apps (not to read - just to keep inventory of books)

    :confused: I am trying to find an app to keep record of all the books that I have/want to read. I want to be able to scan them in. I have tried several different apps and everytime I scan... I get an error. I have other apps that scan, like my fitness pal and it works great. I scan my food items...
  19. G

    Root LG revolution with LG Esteem firmware

    I have a LG Revolution that I mistakenly got the LG Esteem firmware on. Does anyone know how to get the Revolt firmware back on it?? Right now it says Metro PCS. I tried the LG tools but it keeps insisting I use the MS910 bin file instead of the VS910 bin file. If I can't get it switched...
  20. L

    Root Unrooting issues with my Revolution

    Hey guys,longtime unregistered lurker here. I found a lot of great information on this forum on how to root my LG Revolution a couple months ago (thanks!), but now I think I just angered my phone by doing a "factory reset" to it while it was still rooted. The factory reset whipped out...
  21. JayBondzeWell

    i have a lg revolution phone screen.

    if anyone wants to buy. i have a brand new revolution phone screen that im selling for $20.00 with shipping included. i have a lg esteem and it uses a slightly different screen which i didnt priorly know. so if you want. PM me. i live in florida. if any pictures needed. i have
  22. G

    LG Revolution Video Camera to LG Esteem!!!

    me in 1 Post Revolution friends help LG Esteem ones!! Hi All: All Lg Esteem users are not able to record video at more than 15f/sI installeda mod and can now do 30 frames hd but most can not still. My reques is for someone to post your Revoluti pop ns cameraapk from your systems/app folder so...
  23. hippiegang

    Root Camera app

    Will someone please upload your camera.apk
  24. K

    Root Help with CWM

    I'm currently unrooted on the stock kernel trying to get the new update but Every time it downloads the update it restarts in to clowckwork and can't update. I want to remove clockwork but every app I try doesn't ever actually reinstall the default recovery. Does anyone know a way to fix this?:D
  25. R

    Root LG Revo stuck in clockworkMod Recovery

    Got a rooted phone for my gf not thinking it will be a pain, but it is. It started turning on and off randomly a couple days ago after she installed a couple apps so i tried to reset it back to factory and now its stuck in ClockworkMod Recovery. I dont know any info about the root or whats its...