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oregon scientific meep!

  1. F

    Meep Charger & Manual

    Hi Meep users! We just acquired a meep op0018-12 without a charger or maunual. Does anyone have a source for either thanks Eric
  2. A

    Meep! custom firmware

    Hello my friends, i modified a10 firmware and works perfect in the Meep! Kernel, modules, init.sun4i.rc and script.bin are modified. I have the file .img for livesuit... but... I am a new user on this forum .... I can not put links sorry my english please... i am spanish
  3. Spec2nirvash

    Help Recovery mode?

    Is there ANY way to manually enter recovery on this tablet without having to boot it up first? I'm permanently stuck on a boot screen! Maybe a button combo from power off? Is there a flash tool I can use, or maybe force into recovery through ADB somehow? Thanks, Spec
  4. M

    Help help with a broken power button?

    Hello, I bought a Meep off eBay a few months back for my nephew (7 yrs old), and he has really loved it. (Uncle did, also. :-) But after lots of use, the tab appears to have broken off the internal power switch. I went ahead and took it apart just to see if it was something I might be...
  5. D

    Help meep wont boot

    my son was given meep by his grandmother 1 week ago and it is stuck in the booting logo . it was purchased in australia and my son is in thailand , so it will be basically impossible to send it back to the store of purchase etc. i have tried rebooting/reset many times efforts to contact the...
  6. M

    MEEP! 2.1.3 Software update is now available!

    Dear MEEP! Users, We
  7. M

    What do to about a Meep "times up" error

    If you are receiving a message on your Meep of 'Times Up!', please try the following steps: 1. Register your Meep. Many of the capabilities of the Meep require the parent account to exist which puts the Meep into our system. 2. Adjust your parental settings to allow for times of use. You...
  8. M

    Help Restoring your Meep after a factory reset

    If your Meep has been factory reset, you will notice that you have lost all content (preloaded content as well as downloaded games and apps). The good news is that the content is recoverable in the Meep Store. The first step is to re-establish Wifi for the Meep. Because it's been returned...
  9. M

    If you've purchased a Meep 2nd hand

    Please note that a Meep purchased second-hand will remain registered to its original user until you have it changed. You will not be able to access the parental controls and enable functions until the account is cleared and you can register it to yourself. It requires someone from Oregon...
  10. M

    New items are being added to the Meep! Store

    This summer, we've added several items to the Meep! store available on the Meep! tablet. Recent additions include: Cut the Rope Pudding Monsters Shrek Kart Anthill Rocket Island (free version) Where's Wally And next up is: Preschool 3-in-1.
  11. M

    Always keep your Meep plugged in during the Ota process

    New important information from our development team! It is very important that you keep your Meep plugged in (to a wall socket with the AC adapter cord) during the Ota process. While the Ota may be able to be completed without plugging in, there has been a link found between issues encountered...
  12. M

    Help help me please

    hi all i have meep tablet but now is freezing on ( meep word ) after on i tried rest but not work
  13. M

    Help suggestions for music player?

    Hello, is there a more fully-featured music player available on the Meep Store? The only reason I ask, the built-in player doesn't seem to support any sort of playlist functionality. (You can't browse through songs while listening to a single song.) Or is there something I'm missing...
  14. M

    A new Meep firmware update: version 2.1

    Dear Meep Customers, We’re pleased to announce the release of our new firmware upgrade version 2.1, which is applicable for all prior software versions of MEEP! This firmware upgrade greatly improves the overall user-experience and performance of the MEEP! particularly on the MEEP...
  15. M

    Help Meep You Tube error

    For those who noticed a new issue with YouTube, I have just received new information as detailed below. This is a separate issue than the 'YouTube has Stopped' error that is being corrected in version 2.1.1. We are currently experiencing a new difficulty with the You Tube player on the...
  16. M

    Help Temporary way to use GooglePlay on Meep

    Are you experiencing recent issues in opening GooglePlay on the Meep and downloading items? This is due to GooglePlay's recent release of their version 4.0. Their new interface is being progressively pushed to all Android devices, and for those who have received this push, there will be an...
  17. M

    Meep announces Android 'parent portal' app

    For those parents who would like the ability to manage your Meeper's account 'on the go', we are happy to announce that we now offer both an iOS and an Android version of our popular MeepTogether phone app! The new MeepTogether App for Android may be found through GooglePlay at...
  18. M

    Help Alternate Meep portal website link

    Dear Meepers, Over the past weekend, we received reports that our MeepTogether parent portal website was not accessible. When attempting to login to the portal site, some customers would only be able to receive a blank orange screen and no login 'box'. This issue is very localized to certain...
  19. M

    Is your Meep updated to 2.0?

    Hello, from Meep Tablet's Facebook team! We
  20. M

    Help Meep Tablet support crew

    Hi! My name's Jill and I'm here from Meep Tablet-US 's Facebook team. Meep has come a long way since server issues at Christmas, and we've recently released a firmware update to version 2.0 that has greatly improved the operations of Meep. Please feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know!
  21. B

    Help Need Help With Meep

    My stepdaughter got a Meep for Christmas! Her mom sent the info we need to change and add apps. I finally got it to get off times up and now that I tried to add a google app it says android.process.acore has stopped... they should have got a Kindle..... I can work it now:(
  22. R

    Help issues

    hi...got a meep off santa for my son and cant get it set up with the internet or download games...anyone able to help ?
  23. nvrfgt343

    Angry Birds?

    Just got my boys a pair of Meeps for Christmas...can't figure out how to install other AB games besides the original which was preinstalled. I've enable the Google Play Store, but none of the other variants come up. Is there a way to override this?
  24. T

    Help new Meep owner

    Hi everyone, My daughter got a Meep tablet for Christmas and I am having difficulties loging on to the new account registration, every time I visit the Meep website and click on ''Parental Login'' the site crashes. Does anyone know if this is just because they are so overloaded after...
  25. T

    Help Please help-UGGG MEEP!

    I bought a meep for my 5year old son December 15th. I got it set up through there meeptogether site on December 23rd. It worked perfectly and then... Christmas morning came and my son lit up as bright as the christmas tree just to find out the meepstore was unavailable. I went to the...