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pantech burst

  1. Larry_ok

    Help ICS Upgrade not working

    I have searched google and these forums for help and nothing seems to work. I am trying to upgrade my Pantech Burst from 2.3.5 to ICS (not rooted). I have downloaded and installed the PC Suite and the upgrade tool and enabled USB Debugging on the phone. When I connect the phone to the PC...
  2. N

    Root Can't Get Root - cannot create /data/local.prop: permission denied

    I am trying to root my girlfriends pantech burst. The OS is 2.3.5, and it came from AT&T. Here's what happens when I run the root from http://tau.shadowchild.nl/attn1/?p=297 . fyi the os upgrade tool on that site is in the internet archive...
  3. B

    Help help rooting for pantech burst

    I am not tech savy I am new to this forum I would like to root my phone I have a pantech burst I have no idea on how to root or where to start I want to root because I need more space for apps and I have ice cream sandwich operating system 4.0 I want 4.4 or above please help me thank u in advanced
  4. B

    Help Stuck in Reboot Loop

    I'm hoping someone smarter than me can help me with this puzzle... My Burst just started rebooting itself after nothing unusual happening. It gets to the end of the AT&T animation, then starts rebooting as if from power down. I would like to be able to either get past the rebooting, or be...
  5. S

    Help Pantech burst with ST microfilm -data stops after ota updates

    We have morphed an ATT Pantech burst into a straight talk phone with a microChip Sim. We have 3 phone all successful EXCEPT one had ATT insistent ota updates. Can delay but not stop them and when they occur the phone losses all data. (will text/and call) ideas on restoring data function? Ideas...
  6. S

    Help Insufficient Storage Available

    I got this phone a few weeks ago, I have maybe 10 apps installed, more than 10 GB internal, 7 GB on SD card, but I can't download any apps. I tried the apps2manager thing I saw in other forums to no avail. (Pantech Burst)
  7. T

    Force close app

    i'm having trouble with the kik app on my pantech burst gingerbread. Whenever i try to open the app it just force closses and says "the application kik(process kik.android) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again". this all happened friday after my phone kept having the...
  8. P

    Help Video and Audio Don't Sync

    Just got this phone (used) and when I playback videos, the audio is not in sync with the video. Any one have any ideas? Thanks.
  9. C

    Does it have the TV lock animation?

    I know that stock android and some other phones have an animation when you press the sleep button, like it looks like an old tv turning off, you know? Does the pantech burst have this? thanks
  10. G

    Help Phone Just Keeps Flashing Pantech

    Hello everyone this may all ready been answered or maybe not. But my phone battery went dead I go to charge it and the phone will not turn on and the main screen just keeps flashing Pantech about every 5 seconds. ~ Any ideas of help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. K

    Help pantech burst how to... im slow

    i need to move music from my internal memory to my sd card... cant find an option for this... any help would be great
  12. E

    Pantech Burst Upgrade to ICS help?

    Today i tried upgrading my pantech burst to ice Cream Sandwich. I downloaded the Pantech Burst OS upgrade tool and everything else required from pantechusa.com, but when I open the Pantech OS upgrade tool, it says to put my phone into download mode and then connect my phone to the computer. I...
  13. I

    Help can you BYPASS the Activation screen after wiping ?

    will the left corner, right corner, lower right, lower corner trick work on the burst ? thx
  14. L

    Help Complete Restore to Original ICS

    Hi, Purchased a Pantech Burst and upgraded to ICS. Then Rooted phone. Removed a few applications and now there is an app that is not working correctly. Is there a way to get the phone back to the original state of when I just loaded ICS? I tried doing the same steps as I performed when I...
  15. W

    Help 2 minute delay on browser response to internet

    I try to navigate to a site in my Pantech Burst's default browser and there is about a 2 minute delay before it even tries. It then continues at normal 4g LE speeds after that initial time. If I don't use the phone for a good while (2+ hours), the delay comes back. If I use an app like...
  16. D

    Root Bricked burst!

    Wondering if anyone has a clue on how I can bring my phone back to life. My phone boots into the pantech logo but sticks there and just vibrates. I don't have access into cwm or s/w download mode and my PC won't read that my phone is plugged in anymore. Just throwing it out here to see if...
  17. shelliewnj

    Help Messages not coming thru

    Okay, they did a soft reset at the store, ant it helped everything except the messages. I have gotten a few messages, but the messages widget has a 1 next to as if there is a new message, but there are none. I am getting ready to throw this updated phone out the window. I miss my gingerbread...
  18. shelliewnj

    Help Notification sound but no notification

    Another question. Sorry, and thank you in advance. I keep getting notification sounds, and when I check the phone, there's no new notification. What would cause that, and why? Thanks :) Getting frustrated thinking I am missing messages or something.
  19. shelliewnj

    Help App problems after upgrade

    I made the mistake of upgrading before reading reviews. :( I am having problems with several apps that I never had before. For example, I read A LOT of Kindle books. Now, kindle is stuck at the "get Kindle" screen, which directs me to the play store. when I go to upgrade the app, it says I have...
  20. S

    Power On/Off Sound

    I have the Pantech Burst. Is there any way to turn off the Power On/Off sound?
  21. S

    Help , Bricked Pantech Burst !?

    I have a Pantech Burst that i recently rooted and after i did not install the CWR Mod so it did work though when it booted. After messing with apps i downloaded a font changer and once i installed it , i saw my phone turn into chinese real quick then it turned off. It rebooted and now stays on...
  22. M

    Help After upgrade to ICS phone is crap

    I updated to ICS around August or September...at first my phone worked awesome...after about 2 weeks it started slowing down immensly...text messages are horribly slow. When i open my messages it says refreshing for around 1 minute, then i open my new message and I cant type for around one...
  23. P

    Help Phone doesn't make ANY sounds!

    So a couple nights ago, I was watching a youtube video. My hands were off. Then all of a sudden it starts calling 911. The emergency call came up and dialed it and the operator came on and I said it was an accident. Ever since, my phone makes no sound. If someone calls me, I can't hear them but...
  24. K

    Root Pantech Burst 2.2

    I can't root my burst. I'm new to this. I tried the universal methods like z4 and universal androot but didn't work and I tried the manual way and either it didn't work or if did id it wrong. Please help I would really like to root. Thank you
  25. R

    Help Using ISC ....google services crash and not respond

    When I try to visit the google webpage as it loads it crashes and closes the internet.. no other websites are doing this... my phone company can't help and pantech customer support is closed bc its the weekend... google play store does work.... my google gmail acct associated with my phone cant...