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samsung galaxy note edge

  1. Android News

    Verizon’s Old Galaxy S5, Note 4, Note Edge All Pick-Up KRACK Blueborne patches

    Verizon and Samsung pushed out updates to the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, and Galaxy Note Edge. Each phone is receiving both KRACK and Blueborne patches, along with the August Android security patch.
  2. Android News

    Verizon and Samsung push the BlueBorne fix to the Galaxy Note Edge

    Shortly after rolling out a similar update to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 units on its network, Verizon has started pushing out the BlueBorne security fix update to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge units as well.
  3. Android News

    T-Mobile is updating the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge with the March security update

    If you have the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note Edge, then you can look forward to March's security update being pushed out to your device in the near future.
  4. Android News

    January security update for Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Note Edge, and LG G4 released

    Verizon has opened the floodgates, releasing the January security update for the Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Note Edge, and LG G4. Since the four updates we released at once, it looks like it will take some time for the update to make its way to all devices.
  5. Android News

    The November Android security update comes to the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge

    T-Mobile has started pushing the November Android security update to both the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge. Other than updating the security, this update also includes various bug fixes.
  6. C

    Icons Changed on Home Screen

    I have a question about my Note Edge home screen display. The app icons on my home screen in standard mode changed this morning for an unknown reason. Although the phone's display is still in standard mode, about 20 icons changed to the easy mode icons which are more generic looking. The...
  7. Android News

    T-Mobile is updating the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge with October's security patches

    If you have a Galaxy Note 4, or Galaxy Note Edge from T-Mobile, then you can look forward to an OTA update over the next week or two. The update doesn't contain much, but it does bring you up to the October 2016 security level.
  8. Android News

    Here are some Galaxy Note 7 alternatives that have a stylus

    With the Galaxy Note 7 out of the picture, Phandroid has put together a list of some alternative smartphones that also have a stylus for you to consider switching to.
  9. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge get September security patches in Europe

    Samsung's European Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4 have received the September security patch. Alongside those underlying fixes, the update also brings Samsung Cloud functionality.
  10. Android News

    AT&T is finally updating the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

    After all this time, AT&T is finally getting around to updating both the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge to Marshmallow. Both of the updates weigh in at 1.3GB, and include the August security patches, Video Calling, Advanced Messaging, and Wi-Fi Calling.
  11. Android News

    DEAL: Woot is is having a sale on the refurbished Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge & Galaxy Note 5

    If you don't mind buying refurbished smartphones, then Woot has a good deal on three different Galaxy Note devices. You can get the Galaxy Note 4 for $190, the Galaxy Note Edge for $220 or the Galaxy Note 5 for $350.
  12. Android News

    New Google Play Music adds a sleep timer and suggests support for Samsung Galaxy Edge devices

    A recent teardown of the latest Google Play Music update shows the addition of a sleep timer, and suggests that Google is working on supporting Samsung's "edge" display devices, such as the Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 7.
  13. M

    Help Facing problems with SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE EDGE. PLEASE HELP!

    bought samsung Galaxy Note edge a couple months back and since then I have been facing issues regarding battery drainage ( it drains in 3 hours of continous use even with power saving and reduced brightness), over heating and now ever since the new android update, it's slow, keeps getting stuck...
  14. Android News

    T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge receive July security patch

    The T-Mobile models of Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge are both getting an update today. The update brings July's Android security patch with no other known changes. The updates are about 300MB in size.
  15. N

    Help [Q][APP][REQ] Side Panel Shutter Button Camera App's???

    I know there's https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ehzstudios.quickcamerafornoteedge but it doesn't give you a live camera preview of what you're aiming at, it's more like a spy camera app... So are there any camera app's like the original KitKat Samsung Camera app that had the...
  16. Android News

    T-Mobile is rolling out Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

    Earlier today, we learned that T-Mobile was rolling out Marshmallow to the Galaxy Note 4 and now we're learning about another Android update. This time around it is for the Galaxy Note Edge, and owners should see their device receive the OTA update over the next couple of weeks.
  17. Android News

    Verizon to release Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Marshmallow update today

    Verizon has officially confirmed that the Android 6.0.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge rollout will commence today. Like most other Marshmallow updates, the Note Edge will get Google Now On Tap, Doze, a new app permissioning framework and bug fixes. Samsung is also including a UI update...
  18. Android News

    Samsung pushes out Marshmallow update for the unlocked Galaxy Note Edge in Europe

    Samsung has today started rolling out the long-awaited Marshmallow update to the European variant of the factory unlocked Galaxy Note Edge. All of the usual changes you’d expect to find baked into Android 6.0.1 are include in the firmware, in addition to the patches found in May’s Security...
  19. boasher

    Help Gyroscope Issue (Failed Sensor Test)

    My phone took a swim in a bathtub recently and was able to be brought back to life. Unfortunately, the only lingering side effect is that the gyroscope is completely going haywire. For example, in Google Maps, the triangle (just outside the blue dot that shows your location on the map) that...
  20. Android News

    Sprint is rolling out Marshmallow to the Galaxy Note Edge and S5 Sport

    If you own the Galaxy Note Edge or Galaxy S5 Sport, and you're on the Sprint network, then you can look forward to a Marshmallow OTA update being pushed to your device over the next couple of weeks.
  21. RedPinkBlueYouSmell2

    Air Vent Clip

    What is the best air vent clip for this device? I have an older model Explorer and would like to get one that will not cause the vent to automatically point to the floor. Has anyone used any of the clips and can provide a recommend?
  22. I

    Help Edge Panel Missing

    Out of nowhere my edge panel has disappeared. I get 2 notifications: 1 saying cocktailbar has stopped working, and one that says Settings has stopped working. Anyone experience this? I tried restarting and doing soft resets. I have not done anything with the panel recently, nor have I added any...
  23. Android News

    Verizon announces March's security update for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

    Verizon has announced they are currently rolling out the March security update to the Galaxy Note Edge. This update will bring your device up to software version LRX22C.N915VVRU2BPA4 and it will take a week or so to complete the rollout.
  24. R

    How to disable incoming call notification on Edge Panel

    Hi, I have a Note Edge (SM-N9150) running fine with Android 5.0.1. There is one feature in Note Edge that is very annoying and I have spoken with several users who also voice this dissatisfaction. When a call comes in, it lights up the edge panel with the accept button in the middle and the...
  25. James L

    Root Note Edge SM-N915P 5.1.1 OK2 build

    If you have this device with the OK2 build which is the newest one for this device. Using CF autoroot even though it says it supports the build will not currently work and will soft brick the device. A custom kernel is not needed to root this device. Use this recovery for the Sprint variant...